Monday, May 2, 2016

Bodily Reactions To 20 - Letter 5-2-16

Hello world. 

I´m now 20 so I am officially wiser and more mature... Jokes. We all know that I´ll never mature past the Disney princess and Winnie the Pooh stage of my life.

Thanks to all the birthday love! So sweet to think of me, you rascals. The week was lovely... well, until Thursday... but we´ll get to that in a second.

Tuesday my zone made me a beautiful chocolate nutello cake, which they promptly destroyed with my face (no complaints because it was delicious) and they sung me ¨Las Mañanitas¨ that is the happy birthday song here.

On my actually birthday (Wednesday) Hna Balboa made me pancakes for breakfast! Then members gave us pizza for lunch and we finished the day off with a mini chocolate cake also provided by my companion. 

It was a lovely day of celebrating and LOTS of eating so I didn´t feel too weird that my stomach was pretty bloated and I felt sort of sick by the evening. Now, to paint you all a lovely image of your favorite Hermana, I woke up at about 2 am vomiting violently, which did not stop until about 11 in the morning. Bye bye to all that yummy birthday food. I was in bed the entire day totally knocked out. This sort of disastrous sickness surely was a side affect of turning 20! My body is rejecting it! Buuuttt it also could have been a stomach infection caused by a mango from a street vender I´d eaten two days earlier, which ever´s likelier of the two.

Bodily reactions to my age or dirty mango, my stomach has been out of commission for the week. I´m still in the soup and saltines genre. I guess the cool thing is I´ve lost like 5 pounds of Sonoran food that I´ve gained.

Things have been pretty good with the work here. We´re working really hard and getting some investigators. It´s pretty hard getting them to church but we´re working on it. 

One thing I really love about our area is that the members here are really willing to help visit us. Some wards don´t have many members like that. I love working with members because we can establish more ties to the church with these investigators than just missionaries. And the extra testimony in the lesson really helps!

Hehee.. Just realized I spent way more time telling you about my stomach infection than the missionary work that I did this week. But I´m out of time so until next time.

Wait, no! UNTIL SUNDAY!!!! Yay for Mothers Day!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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