Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Day Skype Letter 5-9-16

Yesterday´s Mother´s Day Skype was AWESOME!!! And I can´t believe that was the last time I´ll be Skyping! The next time I´ll see you crazy people will be in the airport of St. George... weeeeeiiiirrrdd.

Since I talked to you just one day ago, this email will be shorter. I just wanted to fill you in on some investigators.

Rocio is a 30ish year old woman with two little boys. When we met her in the street, she told us she already had a Book of Mormon and had been to church once but she didn´t know what happened with the elders teaching her. We´re guessing that they lost connection between transfers or something. But I´m so glad we found her because we´ve taught her twice already and she came to church with us. 

Cuauhtemoc (Kwow-TAY-moke) is a 50ish year old man that we found this last week. He seems to be pretty interested so I hope he can keep his commitments and make it to church with us.

Maria Socorro and Daniel are an older couple that are very interested but have been unable to come to church with us because of their work. They actually really want to be baptized so we´ll see.

Health is looking up. We found out that the stomach problems I´d had were not caused by infection but by parasite. GROSS! Yes I had some sort of amoeba living in my tummy:( But Hna Robinson got me a parasite-killing pill and since then I´ve been way better.

That´s all I got for you today, folks!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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