Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 2 in Peñasco Paradise Letter 7-25-16

Thirteen months as a missionary

Hermana Camacho and me

Dinner with the Tapia Lopez family

Hullo beautiful world!!!!

Hermana Camacho and I are beginning to hit our stride with the bike thing and we now know our area. I'm not sure if I mentioned last week that I'm opening a new area again. The dogs still make me pee my pants when they chase us but I think by next week I'll be over that phobia.

The people here are really awesome. I wanted to fill you in on some of our investigators.

The Tapia Lopez Family. We met Hermano Tapia in the street and he told us he was baptized when he had 14 years but hasn't gone to church in years and his wife and kids aren't members. We started visiting them this week. I LOVE teaching families because the Spirit is so strong when we testify about eternal families and the Plan of Salvation.

Ivonne is a 14 year old girl who lives with her recently converted grandma, Alma. She`s interested in the church but sometimes is embarrassed by us in front of her friends. Ha-ha-ha nothing makes me feel so old and nerdy as seeing her and her friends making faces when sweaty yet spiritual Hermanas Hauck and Camacho come to visit. We'll see if she'll start taking things a bit more seriously.

Marina is a 50ish year old woman who we've been visiting. She has a baptismal goal for August 13th but didn't come to church Sunday so we'll have to push it back a week.

That's actually proven to be a pretty big problem for our area. There is only one church in Puerto Peñasco and my area is an hour walking and the buses pass, like, once semi-annually or something. It's alright for my comp and I because we have our bikes :) but the people here have to go in taxi, which is expensive, or they have to walk in the sun. We've been really trying to motivate people to make sacrifices to be able to observe the Day of Rest. I hope that's good motivation for you back at home to go to church with a big smile:D

That's all there is. There isn't any more.

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

1. Dinner with the Tapia Lopez family.  2. Hermana Camacho and me

Monday, July 18, 2016

Biking Through Puerto Peñasco Letter 7-18-16

Eating at Aqui Es Con Flavio, owned by Church Members

Hermana Hauck & Hermana Camacho

Biking through Puerto Penasco

That’s right! Your favorite Hermana is now riding a bike in her mission. Puerto Peñasco is actually the only place in my mission, that I´m aware of, in which hermanas can ride bikes. Ha-ha! We have to use helmets. I´m not too happy about it because 1. MORE SWEAT and 2. The helmet left for me in my house has Lightning McQueen on it... but safety first, right? 

And if I thought that there were lots of dogs elsewhere in Sonora, I was mistaken because here THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!! And they chase Hna Camacho and me on our bikes snapping at our heels until we’re crying/laughing from the terror, ha-ha! Seriously. There are dogs everywhere here.

But I LOVE my new area!!!!! It´s very humid but not nearly as hot as Hermosillo. And we have a nice breeze from the ocean. We can´t carry umbrellas on our bikes so I am a completely different skin color than normal for me. Almost everyone thinks I’m Mexicana until I tell them that I’m from Utah. : ) (Cough, cough that´s how good my accent is). Also we are sweaty 100% of the time. And my skin is thoroughly exfoliated daily by the sand that´s blown on us (We have only two paved streets in our area).  The people here are so humble too.  We´re in a very poor area and everyone just wants to listen to the message of the Restored Gospel. 

Hna Camacho is a gem. She’s from Veracruz Mexico, she loves to dance, she is hilarious and always joking and is a really good teacher. We’ve set some really cool goals for this transfer together and I hope to tell you more about them in other weeks.

AH!!! Another fabulous thing about Peñasco. Members own this really nice mariscos (seafood) restaurant called “Aqui Es Con Flavio” and they let us eat there for free!!! It’s so good and I’m full of coconut covered shrimp because we just barely ate there. :D

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

TRANSFER Letter 7-11-16

Goodbye Hermosillo & Hermana Balboa

Hello Puerto Penasco & Hermana Camacho


Peñasco is a little port way up close to the US.  #MURICA  I'll be leaving for an 8 hour bus ride pretty soon so I don´t have much time to write. Just wanted to let you know about the transfer.

I'm going to miss this area here in Hermosillo and I'm REALLY going to miss Hna Balboa : (  But these transfers will be a good growing opportunity. My new companion will be Hna Camacho. I don't know too much about her yet besides that she's the daughter of my old companion, Hna Pelico (as in Pelico trained her).

I hope you have a fabulous week!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

Monday, July 4, 2016

La Vida Chola Me Escogio Letter 7-4-16

Hna Balboa and I with Guadelupe

Chola Hermana Hauck

Chola = Gangster

With members Imelda and Fatima

July Zone Activity

I´m sorry to hear about Mandi’s accident. All this weekend I had been feeling something in my tummy that made me keep thinking about my family. I guess I now know what it was for. But I’m really glad to hear that Amanda is doing better.

This week has been pretty different with the whole pants mix in. We started wearing our pants on Friday and to be honest I have mixed feelings. People (men) don´t stare at us quite as much...but then some people almost haven’t believed us when we told them that we are missionaries. Then it’s a bit hotter in the pants but the sun’s not burning my skin and I’m more protected from mosquitos. Hna Balboa and I got a little carried away Friday night and when we got home Chola Hermana Hauck came out (Chola = gangster). *See photos

As far as investigators go...Reyna is still really interested but her family problems are getting in the way of her being able to go to church with us. Tomas is doing well and fasted with us this weekend but for some reason didn’t show up to church. We’re going to talk to him after writing letters today. On a happier note our 11-year-old investigator named Elisabeth, who is the daughter of less actives, came to church with her parents this Sunday! 

I´m not sure if I’ve told you about Guadelupe Ruiz yet. He´s a less active we started teaching about a month ago. We were working with a member one day and all of out appointments fell through so we asked her if she could think of a less active near by that we could visit. She thought for a minute then told us about a man who had been inactive for 20 years or so. His daughter had served a mission about 6 years ago but died in a traffic accident 4 years ago. When we got to his house he opened the door to us, blinked, then said immediately ¨pasenle¨ or come in. After talking to him for a bit he told us that just a few days before he had prayed to Heavenly Father for a second chance in the Gospel. Since this visit he has been reading his scriptures daily, coming to church meetings, activities and the sacrament and will officially be reactivated this weekend! How special for me to be able to play a part in the reactivation of this hermano!

Have a good week!!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck