Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mi Boliviana Tan Suavecita-Letter 2-29-16

Church with Miriam

My New Companion Hermana Mendoza


I hope you all had a blast celebrating and eating chocolate cake. Oh, how I miss Mom´s chocolate cake.

Well, transfers have come ´round and there have been some changes for Hna Hauck. Hna Pelico left to train and my new companion here in Guaymas is Hna Mendoza from Bolivia. I met her just about an hour ago and I already adore her!!! She has this beautifully soft and raspy Latina voice and I think I´m going to ask her to read me bedtime stories to fall asleep to... actually that´s probably too creepy. But for reals I´m going to have to film her voice or something because it´s slightly mesmerizing.

Anywho, it was pretty sad saying goodbye to Hna Pelico, but the good thing is that she´ll be here in the mission until November so chances are I´ll see her around. Hna Judd left Guaymas too so I´m going to miss my little St. Georgian, but Hna Payne from Utah came to our district so that´s good!

If you can all spare some words in your prayers for our investigator, Miriam (our 14 year old convert), which would be fabulous. She has told us several times that she knows the Book of Mormon and the church is true and she is coming to church. The only problem is she´s scared to be baptized because her mom is Catholic and doesn´t support it. I´m sure prayers on her behalf and that her mother will soften her heart will help lots:)

I love my area so much because all the people here know us and are always waving at us and talking to us in the streets. We made friends with these guys that own a hot dog stand (the hot dogs here are the most amazing things to grace the world of hot dogs) and they always give us dinner when we pass. Also, there’s a car that sells sweet breads that drives through the neighborhoods in our area called ¨the panedero con el pan¨ (not too original of a name) that stops to give us bread sometimes. All of this rocks obviously, but I´m going to have to try reaaaaallllyy hard to not overdue it because I´d prefer not returning home as a marshmallow.

Not too much else going on. Living the life here in Guaymas preaching this amazing Gospel.
Thanks you so SO much for everything you do for me. 

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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