Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hymn Book Ping-Pong- Letter 3-14-16

Our Zone

Hey Turkies!

Looks like the weather is prime in St. George. I´m glad you´re all enjoying it by going out lots. I miss how beautiful everything is-the sky the red mountains and YOUR FACES- in good ol´ Utah. But as you all know for now I´m still kicking it here in Guaymas. The weather is pretty good still but is beginning to heat up. I´m just preparing myself for June, July and August. 

Anywhosies. The work here is pretty good. Miriam is doing well and went to mutual for the first time last week and loved it! I´m really glad because now she can makes some more member friends to help her continue growing and learning in the gospel even when I leave... NO I don´t ever want to leave Guaymas.. I´ll ask President if I can stay here for the rest of my mission.

Another investigator we have is Sandra who is a mom of 5. Her husband has a heart disease and can´t work so she does EVERYTHING. For reals, EVERYTHING! All of the chores in the house with some hello from her kids when they´re not in school. She works by making tortillas (that are divine and completely fattening btw) and selling them from her house. Whenever we go to teach her we show up 30 minutes early to help her with whatever chores because the poor thing never stops working. 

A bit of detail about my mission life right now: }
The hermanas in my zone are Hna Mendoza (mi comp), Hna Quintana and Hna Payne (from Herriman, Utah and officially my best friend in the mish at the moment) and myself. We eat together every day so we´re together a ton. I really like having hermanas close by as to spend lots of time together. Usually Hna Payne and I are finding creative ways to entertain ourselves, He he for example today we played a good deal of ping pong with Hymn books for paddles and a ball we found. 
My new comp, Hna Mendoza, is from Bolivia as you know. She is a convert to the church and is very hardworking. It´s always a little weird to change companions, especially because I was with Hna Pelico for a long time, but we´re getting along and working together pretty well. She´s also short, which is fun because I suddenly feel tall. 
The mosquito bites are starting again and all too soon. I´m searching for ways to fight the everlasting battle this summer... The problem is when I use repellent it is sweated of really quickly…I am all ears if somebody knows of secrets to the art of mosquito combat.

Everyone keep safe and happy! 

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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