Monday, March 7, 2016

Mission Space Time Continuum-Letter 3-7-16

Something Yummy!

Hey folks!!

This week has been great... and SUPER FAST! Time is weird here in the mission... the days are medium slow because I´m constantly checking the time and my schedule but the weeks go by fast and the months faster. I talked with you for Christmas yesterday right? And in less than two months I´m going to talk with you again. It kind of freaks me out my half way mark is coming in the mission.... Gah new topic!

Thank you all for your prayers! This week Miriam accepted a baptismal date! She´s doing really well and has been keeping up with her commitments in the Book of Mormon, saying her prayers and coming to church with us. We´re going to get her going to mutual this week. :)

We have several others who we’re trying to get to church, so if you can keep them in your prayers you know I’ll love you forevsies. The names of the people with whom we’re working the most (other than Miriam) are Mirna Diaz, family Ortiz Alvarado, family Calzada, Daniela Lopez and Calros Ivan.

As you know we´ve started a new transfer and my new comp is Hna Mendoza. She´s a really hard worker which is wonderful of course. Her accent is suuupppper soft and flowy, which stands out like crazy here because Sonoran Spanish is half yelling and super ranchero (cowboy). That’s not me complaining about the way they talk here, I absolutely love it and I yell right along with them.

I hope you all have a spectacular week!!! Remember to always do the simple things everyday to strengthen your relationship with Heavenly Father and with the Savior. 

That’s all there is, there isn´t any more.

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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