Monday, March 21, 2016

F Is for FIRE that Burns Down the Whole Town-Letter 3-21-16

I Love Pugs!

Jumping on a Tramp

Yay! A package from home.

 Hello Fellow Humans

Wow so today was crazy! We had a zone activity today where we made carne asada and several elders in our zone decided it a good idea to help the coal grill out with gasoline. Before the zone leaders could get them to put the gasoline away, the entire container of gas they had caught fire. Of course they dropped the container and gasoline and fire went everywhere and the outer wall of our stake center caught fire. It began to spread super fast but luckily another elder ran for the fire extinguisher and other for buckets of water. They put out the fire, but then there was a ton of smoke. All of the church windows were open so Hna Payne and I ran inside to turn on fans. Ha-ha we felt like firefighters running to save the chapel. Thanks to Guaymas´ finest (Payne and I) the interior is free of damage. Sadly I can´t say the same for the outer wall... Nothing that can´t be fixed, but I´m a little worried that P-day activities will be a goner in this mission.

On a brighter note, I jumped on a trampoline yesterday. It wasn´t a very good one but I did a front flip for the first time in 9 months, so that´s pretty great! 

On an even brighter note, Miriam is doing great! She´s getting ready to go on a For the Strength of Youth camp this weekend with the Guaymas stake. We´re really excited for her to meet more youth and be able to learn lots and enjoy the activities. She really is such a doll. We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of The Restoration this week and she got pretty into it:) Ha, afterwards she kept telling us how sad she was that people would kill a prophet. 

We have a couple of other investigators who are progressing, just a bit more slowly. It´s kind of hard getting people to go to church. There are a couple of churches in our area and many people tell us that it´s easier to go to a church that´s closer. You think they´d maybe prefer going to a church that´s true. 

Also, speaking of the churches in our area. We entered into a house this week to share the Easter initiative video and I think word got around the street that there were Mormon missionaries there because shortly after we arrived a pastor from another church came with his family to listen to our lesson. We tried to share the video, bear testimony and leave, but the bible bashing and ¨you worship Jose Smith¨ing began. We tried ending it peaceably but we ended up having to cut off the pastor with a bit of force to be able to close in prayer. One thing that I thought was interesting was the insistence this pastor used on using scriptures without understanding that scriptures are sacred only because they are revelations from God. Just because it says something someplace in the Bible doesn´t make it law. It´s written because it´s a commandment, it´s not a commandment just because it´s written…whoa that´s deep. Gold star for me! But do you get what I mean? We don´t observe any commandment or principle just because in a book it tells us that we should. We do it because the Lord asks us to. Sorry for spurting out ideas. And sorry if they don´t make too much sense. Just thinking in the email.

Well that´s about it from this week. Kind of crazy but awesome!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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