Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray For Baptisms Letter 11-30-15

Baptism of Alejandra and Luis

Splits with Hermana Castro

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Hey All You Turkeys!!!! 

It looks like Thanksgiving was great for you all. I celebrated with a nice breakfast and making the video that I sent you, my family, telling what I’m thankful for.

This week I was on exchanges with Hermana Castro and we were contacting this older man. He was a little rude and said “I’m Christian and I don´t have time for you.” So we handed him a pamphlet of the Restoration. He scoffed at us and said, “I have the Bible! I don´t need these things of the world.” To which, of course, we explained to him that the message we are sharing is NOT a worldly message. This got us in a bit of a Bible bash. He told us that we don´t understand James 1:5 correctly and Joseph Smith just did it to make people think he read the Bible. We ended up just shaking his hand and telling him to have a nice day because a conversation like that would neither edify him nor us and it definitely didn´t invite the Spirit. Every once in a while you just have moments like that with people that aren´t very friendly.

Another time this week, Hna Blackmore and I were walking through a street at night when a bunch of kids around 11 and 12 years old started following us yelling “Hey guera!” (pronounced “weda” and means “Hey white girl”) and English swear words at us. One of them even started poking my arms. To be honest, I wanted to slap him, but I settled for a threatening glare. Sometimes it’s hard to be a missionary. But you learn lots of patience!! And the majority of the people aren´t like that at all.

On Saturday we had the baptisms of Alejandra and Luis! HOORAY!! The service was awesome and super spiritual for me because I got to see the entire teaching and conversion process with these two kids that I seriously love so much! Ha-ha, actually Alejandra had to be baptized four times because she had a hard time trusting the Elder that was baptizing her and wouldn´t bend quite enough to go all the way under the water. On the last attempt, her elbow almost didn´t go under so the Elder just sort of pushed her the rest of the way in one little plunge. Hna Blackmore and I sung  ¨¨When I am Baptized¨¨... at least that´s what I think it´s called in English.. Then after we had cake (non-alcoholic this time).

Sunday was the primary program in our branch. It was as adorably bad as most primary programs, but amplified because we´re in Mexico (no offense Mexico). All the little girls had bows in their hair and the boys had red ties. 

Next week I will most likely be in Nogales, but with a new companion. I´m going to miss Hna Blackmore and all of our adventures, but I´m really excited for her as she starts this new part of her life and I´m excited to learn new things from a new companion. There really are absolutely amazing experiences that I have had in my time here and I know there is more to come!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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