Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Feliz Navidad (ch-ch-ch-ch-ch) Letter 12-14-15

Hermana Pelico & I With a Huge Cactus

Our Tree and Stockings from My Family

Sister Judd...Also From St George

Hermanas in Guaymas


Freaky but awesome! It´s really cool being on the mission at this time because I´m studying and learning about the Savior so much. Sharing the Ha Nacido Un Salvador video (sorry, I don´t know what its called in English...maybe ¨Unto you a Savior is born¨?) is really special and has gotten so many people to accept visits from us. We also have some fun things coming up. Our zone is exchanging presents and we have a mission wide party next Monday. What I´m most excited for is SKKKYYYPPPEEE!!!!! I cannot wait to see your faces and hear your voices! Get ready to party fam bam!

Guaymas is just lovely! The weather is absolutely perfect right now. We get to see the ocean on our bus route:))) We live in a valley and the mountains around us are green with bushes and cacti. The cacti are HUGE! I loved Nogales, but Guaymas shoots it out of the water as far as scenery goes. 

The members are really cool here too. We have a bunch of strong members in are neighborhood so I´ll think we´ll be able to find a Skype venue easily enough. (SKKKKYYYYPPPPEEEE!!!)
Hna Pelico is so much fun! She and I are always pulling pranks on one another and being silly. She´s really, really loving too. Ha-ha she likes to call me Hermana ¨meow-k¨ in her imitation of a catcall. I love it because it reminds me of Steph.
Two other hermanas are in our ward and eat with us every day. Their names are Hna Lopez (who I know from Nogales and is from the city of Mexico) and Hna Judd (who is still in her training and from St. George!!! WOOH). We have TONS of fun together! I´m super excited to spend Christmas here with another St. Georgian.

Two investigators I want to tell you about. First, Paty, who is this awesome 60-year-old-ish lady who just adores us. She was so excited to learn about the Book of Mormon and she´s been sending us messages with questions about it when she doesn´t understand something. We set a baptismal date for her last week and I hope she can keep progressing to it.

Then there´s Naomi who is 17 and has a baby that is 2 or so. She´s super interested in the Gospel, but she´s pretty easily distracted. Ha-ha the other day we were seriously mid sentence explaining the fall of Adam and Eve when she looked at me and asked me if I never get angry. I said ¨Yes.... why¨ and she said she wasn´t sure if missionaries could get angry or not. We answer roughly 4 questions like that per lesson with her, but she´s really sweet.

I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays! I love you so much and I´m counting down the days to our Skype date!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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