Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello Guaymas Sunshine! - Letter 12-7-15

My New Companion Hermana Pelico

Goodbye Hermana Blackmore. I love you!

Sweet new converts Alejandra & Luis
Christmas Devotional

I met Hermana Judd, also from St. George.

Helllo Guaymas Sunshine!!

PLOT TWIST!!! I completely thought I would be staying in Nogales for Christmas but on Saturday my district leader told me that I had transfers to Guaymas! 

I´ve only been here for a few hours, but I can tell you it is a super beautiful place. It´s greener than everywhere else in the mission and I still haven´t seen the ocean yet but my area is the closest one to it. It´s way warmer here than it was in Nogales (WOOH) so my leggies won´t have to freeze from wearing skirts everywhere! 

My new companion is Hna Pelico from Guatemala. She is super friendly and happy. I can tell we´re going to have lots of fun together! It was pretty sad to say goodbye to Hna Blackmore because we”ve become so close, but I´m really excited for her to have a new adventure as she heads home to see her family and everything. 

I am really pumped for Christmas!! Things are really happy here in Guaymas, I got an awesome package from my family, and our President is throwing a mission-wide Christmas ¨conference¨ (fiesta). This is super, super special because this mission is really big and it´s hard to gather everyone at one time, but our President is just cool like that.

A couple things from the week..I was in Hermosillo Monday, Tuesday and the beginning of Wednesday because Hna Blackmore had a leader conference and then went to the temple with the missionaries of her generation. Sadly I didn´t get to go through with her because they needed me to accompany another Hna to the doctors office, but I´m glad I could be a help and I´ll have chances to go again here in the mission.

I was really sad to leave some of the people I had met in my area in Nogales. I’ve grown so close to them, especially my converts, Alejandra and Luis, who are little stinkers, but they’re my stinkers. I also will miss my investigators who are yet to be baptized like Gabriella and her kids. I hope that Hna Blackmore and I planted some seeds with her and others like her so that maybe someday they´ll be baptized. 

A little short today (sorry) but it´s been a crazy day of transfers so I don´t have as much time.

My ponderize scripture is the scripture on my mission plaque, 2 Nephi 22:2 ¨He aqui, Dios es mi salvación; confiaré y no temeré, porque el Señor Jehová es mi fortaleza y mi canción; y también ha llegado a ser salvación para mi¨.Sorry it´s in Spanish, I only carry my Spanish scriptures. I love this scripture so much because I know that the Lord really is our strength in all things. Sometimes we forget it, but He is also our song, our happiness. Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness in its purest, truest form. If we trust in Him we don´t need to fear because He will be our salvation.

I love you all so much!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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