Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What the WHAT?! Christmas is OVER?? Letter 12-28-15

My 6 Month Mark was Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Christmas Day

Skyping with Family on Christmas Day

I can´t believe Christmas is over... It kind of freaks me out because I am now in the point of my mission where all holidays will be the last. You know, when 4th of July and Halloween and those holidays passed it was kind of like ¨I wonder what I´ll do next year in the mish when this holiday passes¨... but know I just have a year left.... so weird. Maybe a year still seems like a lot of time to you but it doesn´t really to me. I´m excited to start 2016 because I have some resolutions that I want to get started!

One thing I want to do is keep up the family ponderizing because I really love that. I haven´t seen if there is one for this week yet. I think it´s Mom´s turn? Aw, sorry, the Christmas week kind of threw me off.

Oh yeah…Chrsitmas…SKYPING WITH YOU CRAZY PEOPLE WAS STINKING AWESOME!!!! Thank you for being there and laughing at all my lame jokes and everything. I can hardly wait for Mothers Day.

After Hnas Judd and Lopez Skyped their families the Hna who´s house we Skyped at took us to Papa Johns, then Dairy Queen for ice cream. Here pretty much everything is open on Christmas Day. Then Hna Pelico and I went back to their house so she could Skype with her family. I spent the whole day with this family, which was fine because they´re hilarious. Ha-ha I was showing them the family on FB and she told me that Mom and Dad are one of the most beautiful couples she´s ever seen. Like I didn´t know. ;)

At church this week a member came up and asked me if I know a Brandon Hauck whom was one of his zone leaders in hi mission. I told him that he´s my uncle and he was so excited ha-ha. He was telling me and the other missionaries what a good missionary he was and how, quote, ¨macho¨, he is. Now all the missionaries in my ward want to meet him.

Speaking of the name ¨Hauck¨, a member sent us a message wishing us happy holidays and spelt my name ¨Hna. Jauz¨. I´m not sure where the ¨z¨ came from. 

Well, it’s been a crazy/special/weird/awesome week but it´s time to go back to normal missionary work. 

I just want to close this email with a birthday shout out to a certain mom....

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck 

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