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Thrust in Your Sickle Letter 8-31-15

Hermosillo Centro

P-day at Hermosillo Centro

Hola! Love you lots!

Thrust in your Sickle

More details about my life: 
My area is Hermosillo Balderrama. It’s a good 20-30 minutes by bus from the Hermosillo temple. I´m really close to a Wal-Mart…HALLELUYA! (Sorry when I spell stuff weirdly, learning another language has basically ruined my ability to spell.) I´m told that it’s a pretty middle class area for Hermosillo. The sun is still a killer. I wear lots and lots of sunscreen but I´m still getting pretty tan. I carry an umbrella too! That’s how powerful the sun is here--its rays penetrate solid objects!

I have developed an extremely passionate hatred for Chihuahuas. Like, they´re up on my hate list next to people who don´t use blinkers and Hawaiian pizza (both of which are abominations to the name of humanity, if you ask me). But seriously, there are Chihuahuas EVERYWHERE and they chase us with their yappy little barking bodies. I´m getting worked up just writing this because I hate them that much.

This week has been just dandy for the most part. I think the circumstances (i.e. heat, walking all day and Spanish 24/7) kind of amplify my homesickness. But weirdly enough, the more I work, or ¨thrust in my sickle¨ to make a fancy scriptural reference, the better I feel better. One bit of advice that has helped me was from Grandma Porritt in her email last week. She said that sometimes we pamper our feelings, which doesn’t allow us to progress. This, I´ve decided is very true in my case. I can grow a whole lots if I am more receptive and submissive with the trials that God has given me (By the way, I don´t claim to have an exceptionally heavy load in the trial department). I´ve been trying to not pamper myself emotionally this week. I´ve want to tackle this in the next couple of weeks so will you all pray for me to be strong with this so I can put ALL of my efforts into bringing Hermosillo His truth? 

Monday 24/08
After writing you fabulous people, Hna Piña and I taught these really sweet older ladies. After the lesson they accepted to read from the Book of Mormon and pray for answers. Then they gave us these things called bolis. They´re kind of like otter pops but with real juice... okay, so basically a popsicle, but anyways they are really good! We eat them a tons when we´re dehydrated (aka everyday). 
At the end of the day, Hna Piña and I celebrated my two months with chocolate ice cream. :)

Tuesday 25/08
In our district meeting we made goals to contact 20 people a day. Now, I don´t how contacting is in other missions, but in this mission during this time of year there aren´t loads of people on the street so 20 is a big number but we felt pretty motivated to do it. On the bus ride home from the meeting, Hna. Piña, E. Smith, E. Sanchez and I pretty much attacked the people on the bus. It was perfect because they couldn´t leave! However I did actually get one eye roll that was verging on Sheldon Cooper status from some young chap. We made our goal for the day! Since then we´ve made or have been close everyday!

Wednesday 26/08
An Hna. from our ward, Edna, went on splits with us the whole day today! She{s received her call to Pachuca Mexico and is preparing. During a lesson today with our investigator, Belen, I had a pretty cool experience. We were reading from the Book of Mormon because she hadn´t kept her commitment to read from it. I was pretty behind in the lesson because it takes a second for me to read and translate in my mind. A couple times I had to pass the discussion back to Hna Piña because I didn´t know what we had just read or something like that. At one point she asked something about how she could know she had received an answer of God about the BOM. I felt immediately inspired to read from Alma 32 about planting a seed in our heart. While reading verse 28 to her I was amazed at how quickly I understood the words in that moment! I was able to talk and bear my testimony right away. The words were flowing through my mouth. THE GIFT OF TONGUES AND INTERPRETATIONS IS REAL I TELL YOU!!! The Spirit was really strong. It was an awesome experience.

Thursday 27/08
Today, a kid was watching Frozen Fever in the room behind us while we taught a lesson. It was sooooo hard to not sing along. That’s pretty much all from this day.

Friday 28/08
We taught two investigators in a row that are nearly deaf. We yelled, yelled and repeated a whole lot about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. It can be hard not to laugh during lessons sometimes. We had a really great lesson with Lupita today. I felt sure she would come to church this Sunday, but when we passed by on Saturday to make sure, she wouldn´t even talk to us. We´ve decided that now is the point to leave her be because she really isn´t interested in the Gospel when it comes down to it. It is so sad to feel the Spirit with these people and still see them reject the Gospel. It makes me appreciate (though obviously I can´t fully comprehend) how God must feel when we receive such strong guidance and love from Him and don´t follow it.

Saturday 29/08
We taught a man named Octavio who is very sweet and very Christian today. He said ¨Amen¨ after every other sentence or so, which was pretty encouraging to be honest.
I was almost killed by two rabid dogs fighting today! Scariest moment! They were chasing each other through the street and almost took Hna. Piña and I down. 

Sunday 30/08
Church meetings are kind of hard right now because it is three straight hours of Spanish without a break or opportunity for Hna. Piña to explain to me. However, I am getting a bit better at understanding. :)  Octavio came to church! When we asked him how he liked it he said, ¨I liked the meetings very much! What church is this?” We sort of paused and said, “It´s the church we’ve been teaching you about...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” He said ¨Oh, Que bueno.¨ Which is basically to say ¨Oh how nice.” Queue sigh. You gotta love the people here!

After cleaning, washing clothes and shopping today, we went to the Hermosillo Centro, which is basically town square or main street. There are stores and little street-side shops everywhere! It was really cool. Plus I got to see Hna. Barton from the CCM, which is always fun! 

I love you all to the moon and back! I hope things are treating you well in STG or wherever you may be!
Hermana Hauck

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