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"Diarrhea Since Easter Part II" Letter 8-24-15

Two Month Mark

The Heat is Severe!

Ward Talent Show Friday

Our District at Talent Show
My Hermanas

I´m going to say no more regarding the subject title.

¡Hola familia! 
*Queue Mickey Mouse Playhouse ¨Hot Diggity Dog¨ song
*Queue Jeff dropping it like he´s Goofy

This week has been a bit better as far as homesickness goes, and the Spanish is a little bit better everyday. I can talk about the Gospel pretty well, and basic conversations and stuff like that. I also can understand a lot, which is good. It can get frustrating at times when I´m trying to tell a story or something like that, especially when I have to use a lot of past tense. Try explaining the plot of Slumdog Millionaire in another language. Just kidding, don´t try BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!! Well, unless you speak fluently. Anyways, sometimes I feel a little bit boxed up because I can´t tell stories or make people laugh too well, which are two of my favorite things, but like I said I am a bit better everyday. Hermana Piña is very sweet and patient with my Spanish too. We understand each other really well, which is a HUGE blessing!

The heat has been pretty severe. I have Gatorade with me everyday (+ this really big water bottle), but dehydration is sometimes a bit of a problem still because we seriously sweat so much. Also, because of the sweat we STINK by the end of the day. :) All part of the fun! I have some pretty gnarly blisters too because of the heat and the constant walking. You know that scripture that says something about those who establish peace (the Gospel) having beautiful feet? I´m pretty positive that it was strictly meant metaphorically. Very strictly, because my feet (though they weren´t too cute before the mission either) for sure won´t be very cute after 18 months of this. 

Here´s how things went this week:

Monday 17/08
After emails, we taught a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with one of our investigators, Lupita, and her two daughters with a family in our ward. We watched the Restoration video and after played this game with animal noises.

Tuesday 18/08
We had a zone conference from 9:00-4:00 today. I was able to understand quite a bit of the messages, especially the one from President´s wife, Hna. Robinson, because it was in English. It´s nice being with other missionaries of the zone because it reminds me of how great this work is! For lunch we had ¨doggas¨ which are the beautiful versions of hot dogs here in Mexico. The bun is suuupppeeerr buttery, like mom´s rolls. On top of the dog are tomato, avocado, onion, sour cream, ketchup, mustard and cheese. Delicious but really heavy.

Wednesday 19/08
Today we ate lunch with the sweetest sister from our ward, Hna. Tinoco. She cooked us such a nice meal and had us eat on her nicest plates. Some of the people here are of really humble circumstances. It is so sweet to see the people here give us the best they have to offer. Later we taught a less active family the Restoration. When we got there they offered us food. We declined, but the mom would not hear it and prepared us a plate anyways. Then at the end of the lesson she asked again, We told her that we were full but she gave us this look as if to say ¨seriously?¨ with raised eyebrows and all just before making us taquitos. They´re trying to make us fat!!! 

Thursday 20/08
Today we went on splits (at least I think that´s what they´re called in English... it´s ¨intercambios¨ in Spanish). I went with Hna. Fletcher. It was much so fun because she reminds me a ton of Taylor Rogers! We taught a lesson to this poor soul named Jose, who had lost a leg to gangrene last year. His house had flooded during one of the storms and so his mattresses were soaked. The smell was sooo bad. I felt so bad for him. I´m not sure how he´s doing now because he´s not in my area. Later we went to a Relief Society activity. The women in our ward are super sweet but, boy, their Spanish is super fast! I must have asked for them to repeat 30 times! Good thing they are very loving to me. As we walked home Hna. Fletcher treated me to this dessert that is basically strawberries swimming in heavy whipping cream and sugar. :)

Friday 21/08
The hermanas in my district and this girl, Edna, from our ward (who just received a mission call to Pachuca Mexico) made a bunch of popcorn for a talent show activity for the ward that night. For lunch, a member dropped off tamales and Hna. Piña and I ate them while watching the video, Finding Faith in Christ. The activity was super fun. A bunch of the kids did skits and some of the older folks sang. The MC was Mexican Carl Frederickson (as in UP). This darling boy with downs syndrome did a dance to Elvis, then Michael Jackson--with full costume for both performances! It was so cute! The missionaries sang a hymn but we changed the words to say funny things about missionaries. After we ate burros percherones, which are burritos on steroids. Really tasty, but like pretty much all of the food here, heavy.

Saturday 22/08
Pretty normal day. Lots of progress with an investigator named Belen, who is about 60, I would guess. 

Sunday 23/08
Belen came to church and took notes the whole time! She is awesome and has lots of excitement for the Gospel. Not many of the people here are too motivated with church attendance and stuff like that. It was awesome to have such an excited investigator. I think she´ll be pretty strong in preparing for baptism. She is super sweet and likes to call me Hna ¨Fresa,¨ which means strawberry, because my companion is Hna. Piña, which means pineapple. I am a definite dog person, and I rarely use the word hate, but I hate. the dogs here, at least in general. There are strays everywhere that follow us and the ones that have owners bark a ton! One dog bounded up to me while I was walking in the street and threw itself at the fence that separated us. I don´t think I’ve ever screamed so loud in my life! Ha-ha, my life flashed before my eyes! 

I love you all so much! I miss you a lot but I´ve been getting better with the homesickness. I pray for you all the time. You are the greatest people on earth!!!!!!

Con amor,
-Hermana Hauck

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