Monday, September 14, 2015

Investigators, Temples and Chihuahuas. Oh My! Letter 9-14-15

Hermanas Hauck & Piña

Farewell Dinner for Hermana Fletcher

Hey Turkeys!
Sounds like a super fun week back at home! DISNEYLAND for Emme?!?!? Super jealous! But how fun! Also it was awesome to hear from you all in the letters I received in my first package (thanks a million for the Gatorade). I´ve read each of your messages like 1,001 times. Such wisdom from Shaye about the Gospel being like burritos.

K, so....Queso? No. K, so. Ha-ha, I´m hilarious.

And I am absolutely soaked right now because Hna Piña and I just walked back from McDonalds in pouring rain. BTW McDonalds here are like really nice, but weird because the menu is totally different (i.e. Spanish). The workers were giving the confused gringa (aka me) some quality smirks. I thought McDonalds could be trusted to never confuse a red-blooded American. Sadly this is not so. The world moves on. Anyhow, this week was pretty fun! I want to tell you about some of our investigators. 

Gilda is a 64 year old lady who...well, to put it softly, is a bit slow to understand the Gospel. But she´s super sweet and has a baptism date for the 26 of September. A usual lesson with her goes something like this:
Us: Okay Gilda (pronounced Hilda), the Word of Wisdom commands us to not.....?
Gilda: ...
Us: ...drink....
Gilda: ...the Holy Ghost
Us: ...No, you can´t drink the Holy Ghost because he´s a spirit. We are commanded to not drink alcohol.

And so on and so forth. 

Then we have this investigator who is progressing really well and has a friend who is a member. His name is Jesus Antonio and he’s about 25 or so. His mom has been joining our lessons too.

We just started teaching this family that is awesome! They have one baby and they are super receptive. They told us that they feel like something is missing in their lives (cough, cough THE GOSPEL). 

Prayers for these and our other investigators are always appreciated. :)

Hilarious moment! So there are these weird wire things that come out of the sidewalks here and connect to electric poles. One day we were walking and poor Hna Piña was distracted by a demonic Chihuahua and walked straight into it. She fell all the way to the ground (I waited to be sure that she was okay to laugh). As if we needed another reason to hate Chihuahuas!

On Wednesday we were invited to eat dinner with President Robinson and his wife to send home Hna. Fletcher. We ate roast beef and ROLLS and MASHED POTATOES!!! So good because I haven’t eaten normal food like that forever! Well, almost 3 months... Also cake, but don´t worry, Mom, your chocolate cake is still #1 in the world and in my heart.

On Saturday we watched this cultural event that was for the rededication of the temple in Mexico City. The dances and costumes were so pretty!

Then on Sunday we went to 2 sessions of the temple rededication broadcast. I was SO happy to see that Elder Holland was there! He spoke in both sessions (in English all for me) about temples. The last session he talked about how he couldn’t attend his youngest son’s endowment because he was area president in England and the endowment was in St. George. However, he felt incredibly happy to know that his son was worthy to enter the temple. Temple ordinances are amazing goals that all of us, as members, can have--both to be worthy to enter the first time and to remain worthy all of our lives. President Eyring was also there. He shared a sweet experience about how happy he was on the day he was sealed to his wife. He also talked about what an amazing blessing temples are, because through the temples and the sacred covenants within them, we can bring our families back to our Father in Heaven one day. :)

I am officially SO excited to go to the temple here in Hermosillo, which I get to do this transfer!

I love you all so stinking much. Really. SO MUCH IT HURTS!!
Would you all let me know what your favorite hymns are?

Be safe and have a lovely week!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck 

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