Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Day in the Life Letter 8-21-15

Walking to Church with Gilda

Hi everybody! 

I have my first baptism this week with Gilda!! I´m super excited. I´ll take pictures and tell you all about it next Monday.

This transfer our area grew double it´s size so I´ll be walking even more, but the good thing is it’s FINALLY beginning to cool off a bit here. Now I said beginning. It is still super hot some days, but we get clouds and nice breezes every once in a while, which is amazing for my sweaty pits. 

We have a new Hermana, Hna. Rocha, in our district who replaced Hna. Fletcher. Now the crazy thing is Hna. Fletcher reminded me lots of Taylor. Well Hna. Rocha reminds me a ton of Jocelyn! I´m not sure who it´ll be next but I´ll keep you updated.

We have an investigator that is progressing pretty well, Jesus Antonio. The only problem is he doesn´t really love going to our ward because there are lots of older folks and the neighboring ward has tons of youth, but I guess the important thing is that he´s going to church!

Also, a random fact that I wanted to share, there is this awesome Christian church in our area that has these Gospel rock concerts a couple times a week. It’s my favorite to walk past the church during these slamming jams about Jesus to see everyone swaying and wiggling to the beat. Another random thing, last night I found a dead Chihuahua. As much as I hate them, it was kind of sad to see. :(

We had a ward party to celebrate the 15th of September (Independence Day here), where we ate some yummies. Like pretty much everything here it started about an hour late. Gotta love these people! :)

I met an Elder Zerkle from Logandale who said he knows the Rebmans! Yay, for connections! Lots of random little facts today.

I want to share that my testimony has grown very much of the power of prayer during my time here. I have been brought humbly to my knees so many times pleading to our Father in Heaven for comfort and strengthen me. And though we don´t always get exactly what we want immediately or the way we want it, He is listening. I know it! He loves us so much and He knows what is best for us. 

Sorry this was pretty short. I don´t have too much to share this week.

I love you all soooooooooo much!!

Con amor,
-Hermana Hauck

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