Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Letter 9-29-15

I Adore Hermana Blackmore

Goodbye Hermosillo

Goodbye Hermana Pina


It’s okay to make Bowie references in mission email titles, right?

Hey sweet Family!!
Well it’s been quite the week. TOONNNNSSS has happened. I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

So I think I`ve mentioned a few times that the dogs here are awful. Not just the Chihuahuas but ALL SONORAN DOGS. While trying to leave an appointment in peace this monstrous animal that supposedly was a dog but seemed to me to be one of those crazy bear/dog things from Lord of the Rings... ya know, that bites off the face of that one guy? Anyways, one of those BIT MY LEG!! It was so scary, but don`t be too worried, I didn`t bleed at all. It just got pretty bruised. The mission life is pretty crazy! :)

We got to go to the temple this day! It was so wonderful and peaceful inside (one reason being there aren`t any psycho dogs). Then later in the day we moved to a different house in our area, because our area has changed a bit. The new house was sadly cockroach infested, :( but on the bright side, I didn’t stay there too long (I`ll get to that part in a second).

Gilda Baggins decided she didn`t want to be baptized this week. No, her name’s not actually Gilda Baggins, I just decided that she was a Baggins--I don’t know what`s up with the Lord of the Rings this week. Anywho, her family is Catholic and told her that they wouldn`t support her, so she’s having some struggles with that. 

On Saturday I had the opportunity of calling Mom and Dad for special circumstances. THAT WAS AWESOME OF COURSE! Hearing their voices was kind of weird but made me feel super happy. It sound like they played my message for the rest of the fam bam. I hope you could understand me. Lots of love (and learning a new language) makes it hard to talk sometimes. Later in the day I got to watch the General Women’s Conference although in Spanish. I didn`t get all of the messages, but it made me super excited for General Conference this weekend, which I`ll be able to watch in English!

Yesterday I left Hermosillo to be transferred to a city that is right on the border of the US. The journey was about 3 hours so I had some good time to read and sleep. :D

I am now in Nogales Mexico with Hermana Blackmore from Canada. The climate here is a lot cooler and there are hills everywhere. It`s really mild and pretty. I like it lots here. My new companion is absolutely adorable!! She`s 20 and has just two months left on the mission. She is super happy and has a really cute and contagious laugh. :) She`s also a bit sassy, which is perfect because the people here can be a little rough but she totally holds her ground. I’m really, really looking forward to this time I’ll have with her. 
We live at the tippy top of this hill (carrying groceries is quite the work out) in a cute little house. However, there are cats that live on our porch. We have to spray them away with water every once in a while. 

This change was a super blessing for me. It’s kind of been like the first day of school. Also, I live WAY close to the border so I think I might be able to find a way to send you letters. :)

I’m so looking forward to General Conference this week. How sad that now we have three apostles that have passed away, but it will be very interesting to see new men being called. I can’t wait to hear what our Prophet has to say!

I hope all is well at home! I love you all so much and you’re always in my prayers.

Con amor,
-Hermana Hauck

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