Monday, September 7, 2015

Never Trust a Mexican Letter 9-7-15

Noche de Hogar with the Monge Family

I got to see Hermana Ylist at the Mission meeting

Never trust a Mexican when it comes to sauces. This week we had salads for a meal. I made the mistake of trusting the hostess when she told me the salsa wasn’t spicy. My tongue was on fire!!! Seriously my sinuses were cleared after one bite!

This week hasn’t been too bad with weather. Actually two days were really nice, almost (almost) like California weather. Then of course it returned to the usual 115 and up temperature. OCTOBER WHERE ARE YOU???!!!

I want to thank you all for your love and support. I can feel your prayers for me. I’m doing better with homesickness. It’s still there, but the Savior is helping me lots. I hope you know how much I love you. It’s more than I can tell you. I pray for you lots. You mean the world to me.

Monday 31/08
After writing you lovelies Hna Piña and I taught a family a Noche de Hogar (FHE) lesson on temple marriages. I got to show them the video I had made for you before I left on their tablet. Super weird but awesome to see it cause I had sort of forgotten what it was like. I had to translate as we watched it. It was so good to see you in it! And it was nice to hear my sort-of testimony of sharing the truth about eternal families in the mission field. This is for sure the peaking aspect of my testimony. :) The Monge family really liked to see you and they think you look like movie stars.

Tuesday 1/09
Today we had a meeting to go over our first weeks here in the field. I got to see my CCM companion, Hma Ylst!!!!! That was super fun. 

Okay generally the people here are very polite about my Spanish, but today I was totally dissed by this 12-year-old girl. After I gave my little recitation of what we share as missionaries she said (in Spanish) “I didn’t understand a word you said. Excuse me, but you talk really weird.” Then my super companion swooped in and saved me! I didn’t really feel too embarrassed; it was more funny than anything else. 

Wednesday 2/09
There was something super different about today. I started the morning a little sad and homesick, but I felt really happy and myself all the rest of the and on Thursday as well. A member, Edna, came with us for some lessons again. We taught one lesson to a 20-something year old that was super spiritual. The more present the Spirit is the better my Spanish is...Coincidence? I THINK NOT! (Cough, cough…Gift of Tongues).

Thursday 3/09
Today while contacting, at one moment the Spirit was so strong. Hna. Piña was talking and there was this incredible sense of authority she had that was straight from the Holy Ghost. I was sure the family we were talking to would accept a lesson from us, BUT THEY DIDN’T. I felt super super sad because I knew that they has felt the Spirit, but they rejected it. It´s hard to see something so dear to you be cast aside. 

Friday, Saturday 4-5/09 
Both of these days were pretty similar. Studying, walking, teaching and sweating, then a baptism in the night. The first was in our ward and the second in the previous area of Hna Piña. The missionaries in my district sang Grande Eres Tu or How Great Thou Art at the baptism in our ward.

Sunday 6/09
Sunday was kind of hard because an investigator that we’ve been working so hard for, Lupita, didn’t come to church. Hna Fletcher shared with me Alma 8, where he is discouraged by the wicked people in Ammonihah and is about to leave. An angel visits him and tells him “Blessed art thou...for thou hast great reason to rejoice. Thou hast been faithful” or something like that. This made me feel better about some of the rejection we had had this week. Also, how awesome that an angel appeared to him to comfort him in his trial. I know I have angels here in Hermosillo with me as well as you, my awesome family, in my home. 

Today 7/09
After our regular P-day activities we went to this Hill Calle Zero. It was seriously just a hill, but I guess people go there all the time to hike and take pictures and what not. While we were taking a picture a homeless man came and just joined in the picture. Ha-ha! I’ll send some of the pictures tomorrow or later in the week. 

Be safe with everything you do and pray always. And remember to give lots of love to one another. That’s one thing I miss very much, being able to tell you everyday how much I love you. AND HUGGING YOU!! Hug lots for me. 

Con amor,
-Hermana Hauck

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