Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference, ´Ay! Letter 10-5-15

General Conference with the Gang

I Adore Hermana Blackmore

General Conference, ´Ay!

First off- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE JEFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAY FOR YOUR ANNIVERSARY OF LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE WOMB!!!! I hope you have the best day and I know that all of your wildest dreams will come true (but only if you vote for Pedro).

Okay so here´s the update with Hermana Hauck. This has been a really nice change for me in a lot of ways. Nogales is pretty cool and has even been chili at times. The streets are pretty safe and somewhat clean but like I said last week there are hills everywhere. Seriously, you are always either walking up or down a hill. I haven´t been bitten by a dog here yet (we have our trusty weapons of a spray bottle and picking up imaginary rocks) but there are still lots of dogs in the street. Yes, sadly Chihuahuas too. We have a little shaggy black dog that follows us everywhere. We don´t touch it because she´s pretty gross looking, but we´re kind of fond of her so we protect her from the other mean dogs. I´ll get a picture of her soon. 

I. Adore. My. Companion. She is so funny and happy and she adds a little Canadian ¨´ay¨ at the end of roughly 30% of her sentences. Also she doesn´t carry a bag but a ¨bayg¨. We love to sing along with the church music we have to the top of our lungs. Also, we both have considerable (and probably unnecessary) amounts of the scripts of Napoleon Dynamite and Emperor´s New Groove memorized. We live in the most tranquil part of Nogales so it´s been pretty safe. The members here are really sweet too. There´s one young member named Sunashi who is always checking in on us and bringing us food to eat:) 

Now to what I really want to talk about: GENERAL CONFERENCE!
The talks were all so great! Our mission president had us spend time before the weekend thinking of some questions we had about the Gospel or about something going on in our life and right them down and pray for answers in the talks. Every single one of my questions received answers! If you didn´t do something like this for this conference, I highly suggest it for April. 
Here were some of my favorite talks.
  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland´s and President Russell M. Nelson´s talks really helped me better appreciate the importance and the divinity of our calling as women in marriage, maternity and leading a family in general. Not that I didn´t know women are awesome, but it´s always good to be reminded by apostles of the Lord:). 
  Carole M. Stephen´s and Von G. Keetch´s talks about the blessings and protection we receive, as we are obedient to the will and commandments of our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ were also really good. I loved both of the stories and how they applied them to the themes. 
  I thought President Uchtdorf´s talk was phenomenal! I am definitely guilty of complicating this pure and simple Gospel at times. I loved how he talked about the Gospel working for everyone and that all we need to do is start where we are and God will make us better! 
  The Prophet´s remarks about being an example to the world were also really great, though I was sad to see him looking really weak towards the end. Thanks to Elder Bednar´s talk we know that the age and mortal weaknesses of President Monson and all the other church leaders don´t lesson their ability and divine callings to lead our church.
Last part about Conference that I want to write about, though I loved so many more parts: Ponderizing.

I loved this idea of having a new scripture to ¨ponderize¨ every week. I know that it´s something that could be done personally but I thought it could be really cool if we got the whole family in on it together. So, I am exploiting my position here as a missionary and asking, nay, demanding that you all support me by joining me in a weekly family ¨ponderization¨.  Every week we will take turns to choose our scripture and we will all ¨ponderize¨ (20% ponder/ 80% memorize) for the week. We all have to put the scripture somewhere we can see it often. I´ll start us out this week with choosing the verse, and then next week will be Dad, then Mom and so on down in order of age. 
Who´s in? You all better be. If not, don´t expect a present from me when I come home. ;D (hee hee, but I´m not kidding.)

The scripture we will ¨ponderosa¨ this week is Matthew 5:16 because the Prophets talked about it:
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven.

Let the ¨ponderizing¨ begin!!

I love you all so much and I´m so grateful for you. You´re in my prayers every day!

Con amor,
-Hermana Hauck

P.S. Dad, you better be ready with a scripture by next Monday!

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