Wednesday, August 17, 2016

They're Finally Getting Married! Letter 8-1-16

I hope you all recognized that the subject line is a reference to Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

I´m so excited for Emilee and Brad this week!!!!! I GET A NEW SISTER!!!!!! Way to go, Brad, because she´s a keeper :) I hope everything goes perfectly this week. I´ll be thinking about you and hoping that it´s a really special day for the whole family!!

This week has been nice. A little extra humid because we had a bad storm on Friday night which flooded a lot of houses in our area. The good thing is that I get to ride Splash mountain every time we ride our bikes down the streets in our area :D

Speaking of bikes.. they have been a struggle!! Hahaha this Wednesday we left in the morning to find that Hna Camacho´s front tire was flat. We went to a member´s house to fix it. Later that day, we came out from a lesson and here back tire was flat.. Back to the members house for a fixing. Then on Sunday on our way to church a car pulled in front of my companion before she could stop and she bumped into his car and gave it the teeeeeeniest scratch. He got out and started yelling (mostly swear words) at her and completely disregarded the fact that he could have seriously hurt her. My rapid-fire-Spanish isn´t toooo good... but I did get a few words in to defend my companion.. :) Haha mostly I just told him that his threats to call the police on her didn´t scare us because I saw the whole thing and jnew that he had 90% of the fault. He didn´t like that. I tried to do it peacefully but he wasn´t very cooperative, haha. I call everyone ¨hermano¨and he told me at the end of our rather loud conversation ¨No me digas ¨hermano¨, no soy tu hermano!¨ or ¨don´t call me brother, I´m not your brother!¨ and left. Hehe, some peoples´kids.

We´ve still had problems getting investigators to church. It´s a long distance, but we´re trying to help them make the sacrifices so they can receive the blessings.

Ivonne has still been, well, a teenager.. We´ve been thinking and praying about maybe taking a break with her... wow that sound like we´re in a relationship with her or something but I can´t think of a better way to say it in English right now.

We havn´t been able to get a hold of the Tapia Lopez family but will be visiting them tonight.

We have met some other great people this week with whom I hope to see progress.

That´s not too much info about my investigators but I´m running out of time. :(

Again I really hope that all goes fabulously with the wedding!!! I love you all so much and you are forever in my prayers!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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