Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stopping Crime In Peñasco Letter 8-22-16

Studying on the beach

Peñasco Super Sisters

Tomas with Hermanas Balboa and Voss

Stopping Crime In Peñasco One Phone At A Time

Latest crazy news for Hermana Hauck--Our cell phone was stolen last week. Well, technically we lost it. But then we called it from the phone of the other hermanas and a man answered and told us he found our phone and could meet us. We (Hnas Camacho, Barton, Luna and myself) went happily to a gas station to meet the lad who rescued our phone. When we arrived, the man was there waiting on his bike. He told us that he wanted something in exchange for the phone, 100 pesos to be exact.  We told him that we’re dirt-poor missionaries but could promise him blessings. He wasn’t convinced. After pleading with him for a while he told us to call him when we had the money and he took off with our phone. The stubborn hermanas that we are, we took off after him and began a high (bike) speed chase down one of the only paved streets in my area. I felt like we were in a movie ha-ha. You should have seen us four with our lame helmets and backpacks filled with Books of Mormon chasing this crusty old man for our beaten up phone! When we caught him we still had to pay for our phone, but at least we got it back! 

The best part about this story is that yesterday our phone broke and now we are waiting for a new one to arrive this week…I prefer not to comment.

Other than that craziness, this week was GREAT!!! Caty is doing really well and came to church again with us. We´re working on talking to her “husband” about getting married to her. Lots of people here are pretty nonchalant about marriage. They look at it as being just a waste of time because they’ll be divorced in a few years anyways. We’re really trying to help Caty and her husband realize that God´s view of marriage is much grander than that. 

We´ve also been visiting an inactive family called the Gallardo family. Their son, Adres, is 10 and we’re helping him prepare to be baptized. They have some time away from the church, but they came with us this Sunday.

I received really great news from my old companion, Hna Balboa. Tomas, our investigator, was baptized two weeks ago. I almost cried seeing this picture because I haven’t seen a baptism for some time in my mission. Hna Balboa and I spent a lot of time with this hermano and I’m so grateful that I could play a part in his preparations to be baptized, even if I didn’t get to be there when it happened.

Thank you all for your love and support. I’m so grateful to have so many angels looking out for me and rooting me on from both sides of the veil.

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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