Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pitbull: 01 Hermana Hauck: 00 Letter 8-15-16


The bruises were more hard core in person :/

It was a dark, cold night (except it wasn´t a cold night at all, I just wrote that to add to the story-telling effect). Hna Camacho and I were riding our bikes through the unpaved roads of Puerto Peñasco when a gang of wolves (except they weren´t wolves...storytelling effect) came dashing at us two. We were innocently fleeing the attack when a pitbull pounced at me and chomped my leg!

When we found the monster´s owners they told us that it wasn´t vaccinated so they was a possibility it had rabis (not added for effect) but luckily my pants were covering my leg and the pitbull´s teeth didn´t break any skin. THANKS PANTS! Our zone leaders had us get it checked out anyways. Left me with a nice bruise:)

Other than that... oh yeah, we had an awesome Karaoke activity in our branch and I got to sing!!! Sadly I couldn´t sing Elton John or Neil Diamond as I had hoped so I settled for High School Musical (You Are The Music In Me).

Caty didn´t come to church this week, but we´re still working with her. She has a lot of interest and wants to follow Christ. She´s not married so that´s something we´ve been working on too.

We have some other families that we´ve been working with too. One problem we´ve seen a lot in these families here in Peñasco is drugs. It´s so sad to me to see what drugs do to couples and relations in families. Even with therapy and rehab programs the problems never seem to leave the families that have these problems. Hna Camacho and I have been focusing on the Atonement a lot in our studies and our teaching because in the end in the Savior who´s going to help people experience a lasting change.

Have a great week!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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