Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Sweatiest Bridesmaid Letter 8-8-16

Happily Married Tortoises

The Sweatiest Bridesmaid

Guess who´s oh so happy to have a new sister???? THIS HERMANA!

It´s pretty weird to think that the wedding is all done and over. All day on Saturday I was thinking about Brad and Emilee and the family. Haha I even put on my bridesmaid dress during personal studies (and got weird looks from my companion) to feel like I was there in person because I´m a sentimental nerd like that. I was checking my watch every chance that I could and imagining what everyone would be doing at that moment. Not to get at all self righteous.. but it did feel kind of cool thinking about the family enjoying the music, food, dancing, and party as I was fasting while biking through miserably hot and humid Peñasco.

I´m so happy that all went well with the wedding. I´m really grateful to be able to have a new part of the family. I know that the sealing that Brad and Emilee had is for ALL time and eternity!

This week was exxxtra hot and we sweat a TON. Then the wind cools a down a bit (which is great) but it also carries lots of sand right up to our sweaty faces. Needless to say I am filthy every night when I get home.

But this week was also awesome because we finally had 2 investigators in the sacrament meeting.

Caty and her two little kids came. Caty is 19 and a little hyperactive, but wants to learn about the Gospel. It was a fiasco getting them there and her kids were pretty restless, but I´m grateful that she had the chance to attend church.

Alicia, a new investigator, and her little girl came. It was her daughters 6th birthday so we were impressed that they  made it when they could have been out riding ponies or eating ice cream or something else that yells 6 years old.

That´s about all I´ve got time for today!!! LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

PS:  I didn´t get to attend Brad and Emilee´s wedding, BUT I did get to visit the happily married couple Jeronimo and Babba. Yes, they are indeed tortoises. hehe ignore me please because I´m too nerdy for my own well-being

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