Wednesday, June 29, 2016

“Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth” Letter 6-26-16

One Year Mark on My Mission!

Costco with President Robinson

“Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth”

This scriptural quote takes on a new meaning for your stinky, sweaty missionary here in Sonora Mexico. The heat has been getting intense these days (and will continue to intensify) and we´re sweating ALOT as Hna Balboa and I cover our huge area on foot. Every day I kept noting weird white marks on my shirts. A member later pointed out to me that the white marks are salt residue from my sweat…SALT RESIDUE!!!!! GROOSSSSSSSS! 

Now that you all know that I am properly seasoned. I’ll let you know about the work briefly because we had a crazy P-day (which included pant shopping, pant returning, Costco shopping and eating with President and Hna Robinson and making homemade ice cream in their house afterwards).

It’s somewhat difficult to get people to let us salty missionaries into their houses, but we’ve been trying to keep up the work. This week we’ve focused a lot on an older investigator, Tomas, and he came with us to church! Also a less active member named Guadalupe has been coming back to church and will be reactivated this next week. 

There is more to tell but I don’t have much time, sooo until next week!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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