Monday, July 4, 2016

La Vida Chola Me Escogio Letter 7-4-16

Hna Balboa and I with Guadelupe

Chola Hermana Hauck

Chola = Gangster

With members Imelda and Fatima

July Zone Activity

I´m sorry to hear about Mandi’s accident. All this weekend I had been feeling something in my tummy that made me keep thinking about my family. I guess I now know what it was for. But I’m really glad to hear that Amanda is doing better.

This week has been pretty different with the whole pants mix in. We started wearing our pants on Friday and to be honest I have mixed feelings. People (men) don´t stare at us quite as much...but then some people almost haven’t believed us when we told them that we are missionaries. Then it’s a bit hotter in the pants but the sun’s not burning my skin and I’m more protected from mosquitos. Hna Balboa and I got a little carried away Friday night and when we got home Chola Hermana Hauck came out (Chola = gangster). *See photos

As far as investigators go...Reyna is still really interested but her family problems are getting in the way of her being able to go to church with us. Tomas is doing well and fasted with us this weekend but for some reason didn’t show up to church. We’re going to talk to him after writing letters today. On a happier note our 11-year-old investigator named Elisabeth, who is the daughter of less actives, came to church with her parents this Sunday! 

I´m not sure if I’ve told you about Guadelupe Ruiz yet. He´s a less active we started teaching about a month ago. We were working with a member one day and all of out appointments fell through so we asked her if she could think of a less active near by that we could visit. She thought for a minute then told us about a man who had been inactive for 20 years or so. His daughter had served a mission about 6 years ago but died in a traffic accident 4 years ago. When we got to his house he opened the door to us, blinked, then said immediately ¨pasenle¨ or come in. After talking to him for a bit he told us that just a few days before he had prayed to Heavenly Father for a second chance in the Gospel. Since this visit he has been reading his scriptures daily, coming to church meetings, activities and the sacrament and will officially be reactivated this weekend! How special for me to be able to play a part in the reactivation of this hermano!

Have a good week!!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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