Monday, October 26, 2015

Team BlackHauck Letter 10-26-15

Four Months on the Mission!

Our Zone

Elder Dipko

Cute Little Vicky

Hey Fam-Bam!!

So Hna. Blackmore and I are officially team BlackHauck to all the missionaries in Nogales. We’re definitely okay with it because it makes us sound like a military or jiu hitsu duo. BTW my zone leader, Elder Dipko, looks kind of like Brad...well, not a whole lot…he has brown hair and freckles and lighter eyes…thats pretty much it. But I’ll send a picture.

Today Hna Blackmore and I went to The Linea, which is the border of the US. It’s just a big ugly fence. I felt so weird being close to America! I stuck my arm through the fence so I could be half in my native country for a second. Then we went shopping and a lot of the venders thought we were tourists so they tried to charge stuff for way more than it was worth, but when we started speaking to them in Spanish they stopped yelling ¨TWO DOLLA!!¨ and ¨HI PRETTY WOMAN COME SEE MY STORE¨ in our ears. 

On Tuesday we had a meeting with the branch council until 8:30pm and the journey home from the church is about an hour but we have to be in our house before 9:00 in our mission so we took a taxi home. This taxi driver was hitting on Hna Blackmore and I hard core, asking us if we go to any of the clubs in Nogales, if he could show us around the city, etc. and we were being pretty stern and frank with our ¨No...we’re missionaries,¨ but he wasn’t taking the hint. We resolved by teaching him the lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel, which must have been a turn off to him because he stopped inviting us places. Ha-ha!

We did divisions with members twice this week so we got a ton of work in and made all of our goals for the week. :) It was a little scary leading lessons without Hna Blackmore but I was totally blessed with both the gifts of tongues and discernment! We had a lesson with the less-active couple and the husband told me that church attendance isn´t that important because prayer and scripture study are more important and God knows what is in our hearts anyways. I felt a little stumped on what to say to him. But then the Spirit whispered to me to just bare my testimony. Thoughts and feelings just came to my mind! I bore testimony that I know that Jesus Christ is the Head of this church and, as such, the programs and organizations therein (i.e. Sunday church meetings) are inspired by Prophets that communicate with Him. They didn’t really argue after that and agreed to let us come back this week. Thank goodness for the Spirit!

After church yesterday Hna. Blackmore and I were waiting for the bus when this older American couple got off another bus and came to talk to us saying, ¨Finally some good Mormons!¨ They want to move down here from California but they were absolutely terrified to be here and didn’t know a lick of Spanish. They kept asking us questions about how to travel safely and without being robbed and so forth. Poor folks. We gave them our numbers in case they need more help but we haven’t received a call yet…I hope that´s not because their phones were stolen. o__o

Our investigator, Gabriela, has been doing pretty well and feels excited about changes she is making in her life in order to get baptized. She has a daughter named Victoria that was sick the other day but didn’t want to take medicine. I promised her a surprise if she would mind her mom, which she did after that, so I brought her some of the Frozen fruit snacks mom had sent in a package. She was one happy little camper. I’ll add a picture.

We also have been teaching a brother and sister, Luis and Alejandra, who are 11 and 14, respectively. Their Mom is dating a member in our branch so they’re investigating and have a goal to be baptized in November.

I hope you all have absolutely fantabulous weeks!
Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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