Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Puglets, Soccer and Nogalian Neighbors Letter 10-12-15

P-day Fun

I Love Pugs!

Hola Palvos (turkeys)!

Things are just fabulous here in Nogales! It has started getting pretty cool and even cold at night. Our shower doesn´t have heat so every night we do this little routine of boiling water in our little pot and filling a bucket then we use a cup to poor the water on us. Takes some time but works pretty well. 
Also, our house had to be fumigated this week because we had so many cucarachas.
Other than that, our little house is pretty cozy:) Although we have some neighbors that are royal pains in the tah-tah. Just the other night at 3:30 in the morning they decided to play the loudest, most obnoxiously Mexican drumline-ish music EVER TO EXIST IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING! Complete with trumpet that seemed to shake our house. Seriously it was so loud Hna Blackmore and I were practically slapped awake. This music went on for at least an hour. If I weren´t trying my best to represent Jesus Christ right now I would have toilet papered their house by now or something wonderfully juvenile like that. 

Hna Blackmore went to Hermosillo for a meeting (she´s a sister training leader) on Monday, so I spent the night and part of Tuesday with the only other sisters in Nogales. While with them we had a pretty nice door-slam experience when a little boy opened the door to us and as his mom saw us she started yelling at him ¨Wait to see who it is before you open the door all the way! Close it now!¨ Hopefully someday she´ll open the door to this message.

Our zone here in Nogales is so much fun! Today we played soccer at the church. It´s a pretty well known fact that Latinos are good at soccer and take it pretty seriously, but playing with them is a whole different ball field (no pun intended jajaja). Hna Blackmore and I ended up having to leave the game because we felt that it was getting too rough. But we went inside and played the piano and sang with some other missionaries after which were really fun too! 

Two days in a row this week we got to play with baby pugs because an investigator bred her pug!!! They were so cute! But I feel a little scared for their well being because the investigator´s, Gabriela, daughters are super rough with them. Also Gabriela was putting eye drops in all of their eyes and when we asked what it was for she was like ¨I don´t know.. We got these eye drops for one of our children when she was a baby. ¨ I´m not a vet but I´m pretty sure human medicine and animal medicine are not the same right?! Well, hopefully the poor puppies don´t go blind.

Ana Maria is a less active that we have been teaching and she is so cute and loving. Every time we go to her house not matter how much we object she has her son go buy us cookies and juice and she gives us whatever fruit she has on her table. Some of the people here are really so giving even when they don´t have much. She is always hugging us and patting us on the backs. She came to church this week so Hna and I are very happy. She and her husband want to be active enough to be sealed in the temple. :)

We have another investigator, Angelica, who seems very interested and has been reading the Book of Mormon and everything but has some troubles with the idea of leaving her Catholic traditions. Then we have Cesar who is 16 and seems very interested, but is also very, very agreeable so we´re not too sure if he really is gaining a testimony.

A 17 year old member, Xhunaxhy (zoo-nashi) is awesome! She calls us all the time to see is she can go out with us to teach! She wants to serve a mission too. I´ll have to get a picture with her to send to you.

If you would pray for my investigators, the members here and for Hna Blackmore and I to be able to find those ¨White and ready to harvest¨ here in Nogales that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated!

I´m glad to hear you have been ponderizing! This can go on my whole mission AND BEYOND! I loved to see the scripture in my planner and to ponderize throughout the week and I look forward to doing it again this week with Dad´s scripture.  
Matthew 11: 28-30 

I love you all and I hope the week goes grandly for ya!
Hermana Hauck

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