Monday, October 19, 2015

My Companion Is A Muggle! Letter 10-19-15I

I got a package from home!

Ana Maria & Her Turquoise Wall

I Love Hermana Blackmore!


Dear Family,

I have to tell you all that I received some devastating news about poor, poor Hermana Blackmore. Not only has she not read the Harry Potter series (which is only a minor transgression), but she has not seen the 5th, 6th, or 7th (neither pt. 1 nor 2) movies. Luckily I’m well schooled and prepared in this corner of the universe. Naturally, I spent the week telling her the entire plot whenever we had free time because I wasn`t about to stand by and let her continue on in her suffering when I had the power and authority to free her from such agony. As you can see I am still nerd to the bone.

Here´s a tender mercy from this week.We went to eat with our less active Ana Maria this week and we were blown away by how hospitable she was towards us. When we walked inside, her living room walls were painted turquoise blue. We asked why she decided to paint it and she told us it was for our lunch date--she wanted to make the house look nice and special for us SO SHE STAYED UP UNTIL 3:00AM THE NIGHT BEFORE AND PAINTED THE WALLS BLUE FOR US! We were so stunned and flattered. Then during all of the lunch she was constantly filling our glasses and asking if we needed anything. Ha-ha, she sent her son to the store 5 different times to buy different treats and drinks etc. for us. It was absolutely adorable! After we had a little lesson and she told us that she was doing all this for us because apparently, since we`ve been teaching her, she`s been feeling the Spirit again. I still can`t believe how much time, effort and love she put into this little lunch for us, though. 

Another investigator, Gabriela, has been progressing really well! This week after a lesson she set her own baptism date. Sadly she set it for Dec. 19th, which is after Hna Blackmore leaves, but we`re hoping that as we progress with the lessons she’ll maybe want to move it sooner.

We had a Zone Conference this week. It was great hearing from our President, his wife and the assistants. Many of the talks were about faith because we are trying to boost the faith we have as a mission in goal setting for progressing investigators. We did a mission-wide fast this Sunday with the purpose of strengthening our faith in the Work of Salvation. Actually it was really cool, like 45 seconds after Hna Blackmore and I started our fast with a prayer in a little corner of an empty street this guy approached us and told us that he was ¨Catholic¨ (meaning he is by tradition but doesn`t ever go to mass or anything like that--aka everyone in Mexico) but he wants more in his life. He asked if we would come by his house sometime soon and introduce ourselves to his wife without telling her that we had met him and see if she wanted to listen to our message. We went later that day and she was pretty accepting! We have an appointment with them for tomorrow! We’ve already started praying for them and we really hope that their hearts have been prepared by the Lord to receive His Gospel. Their names are Benjamin and Angelica, if you have extra room in your prayers. :)

Also at the Zone Conference Hermana Robinson (Pres`s wife) brought me my package! Complete with stickers of the Virgin Mary. Thanks for the treats, Herbal Life drink and picture.:))))  Our district leader, Elder Larsen from Las Vegas (actually he has grandparents in Ivins, if anyone knows them) also got a package from his family through a member in our ward and he shared real-life Costco dried mangos with us! Which was absolutely amazing because I ran out of my stash a while back.

Although I miss American food lots (ie ALL of Mom`s Sunday dinners and normal Oreos and milk because they both have a different tastes here), I have to tell you I am falling in love with some of the food here! Especially the fruit! Avocado, melon, grapes, pineapple, grapefruit, mango, etc. IT`S ALL SO GOOD! The tortillas de harina (flour) are also waayy good. Don`t even get me started on carne asada! I’ll have to steal some of these recipes and cook for you when I’m home.

That’s about all from this week. I hope you all have a lovely week and that all of your wildest dreams come true!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

AHH!! I almost forgot!! Mom had the ponderizing scripture for this week

D & C 84: 88 And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up
A personal favorite <3

You`re all turkies!

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