Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Transfer of Dreams Letter 10-3-16

Bye Hermana Camacho

Adios Penasco

Adios Penasco

Penasco Family

Pink Cupcakes

Penasco Zone
Hermana Hauck live writing you from CABORCA SONORA!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, I was transferred to a town 2 hours south of PeƱasco, but the news doesn't peak there. The stars and planets aligned on this one and I my companion is going to be my wonderful partner in crime HERMANA PAYNE!!!!!!!!!! When my old zone leaders told me about my transfers I jumped up and down screaming with excitement. Then I later called Hna Payne to plan our arrival in Caborca because we´re opening area. Our phone call went like this:

(ring ring)
PAYNE: Bueno?
HAUCK: Hola.. quien habla? (Hi, who´s speaking?)
PAYNE: Hna Payne... quien habla?
HAUCK: Soy Hna Hauck

As you can see we are both very excited. :)

We will be working as capacitadoras (Sister Training Leaders) here in Caborca. Basically we just help out the other sisters, have exchanges and have meetings with President, but I´m really excited to be given this opportunity to serve the missionaries here along with the people.

I don´t have much time because my COMP<3 will be arriving here soon and I´m going to pick her up so I´m just briefly going to write about conference.

First off, favorite part of conference for me was when I saw Sarah (aka sister Wykstra) in the MTC choir in the last number! I was searching the missionaries in each number and had to hold back my (THAT´S MY COUSIN!!!) when I finally saw her.

I haven´t been able to choose a favorite talk yet.. I´m going to have to read them all again. But I really enjoyed the talks by W. Mark Bassett, Linda S. Reeves, Dale G. Renlund and Russell M. Nelson. Also, it was amazing as always to hear from our beloved Prophet Presdient Monson. I loved all of the talks of course, these are just the ones that stand out most clearly in my mind right now. I noticed a theme of repentance. I loved what Sister Reeves said about Satan's tactic of making hiding a sin to protect other seem more noble than confession. I also loved the little story in Elder Bassett's talk about worrying to open the information that wasn't available in place of searching and treasuring the plain and precious information that we do have.

Well that´s about all I got this week. I´ll have much more to tell in this next week!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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