Sunday, October 23, 2016

Missionarying in Caborca & Hermosillo Letter 10-17-16

Hi all! Things are still wonderful here in Caborca. Hna Payne and I are working hard and having lots of fun. EVERYONE thinks we`re sisters here. Sometimes we go along with it and let people believe it. We really don't look thaaaat much alike... but I guess to the grand people of Sonora we do.

This week was a crazy one!!! We had two trips to Hermosillo (a WHOLE lot of time in a bus if you ask me), first for a meeting with President Robinson on Tuesday then to go to the temple on Saturday.

I got permission to go to the temple because a couple that I taught, Alicia and Mario, were endowed and sealed! It was an amazing experience because I had never seen a sealing before. There were many other missionaries that went too so I got to see some old companions including Hna Pelico and my daughter (trainee) Hna Balboa! I was so, so SO excited to see them both:)

It was also great seeing this couple because they were like my second parents when I was in Guaymas. It was one of those special moments being in the temple with them because I could see how much they have progressed and how their testimonies have grown.

Not to keep going on about this, but it was also amazing to go to the temple in light of Grandmas Hirschi`s death. It sort of gave me the closure I needed being inside the House of the Lord and thinking of how He has made possible that families can be forever. I love going to the temple!!!

We weren`t able to work as much as we would have liked this week because of the many hours we spent in Hermosillo, but I`ll fill you in more on one of our progressing investigators.

I`m pretty sure I mentioned Felizardo last week. He`s an investigator we inherited from PeƱasco. He`s been doing really well with his commitments and we were able to move his baptismal date up to the 29th of October. He`s a kind of funny guy, but is really sincere with his desire to follow God`s will.

Have a great week!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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