Monday, July 18, 2016

Biking Through Puerto Peñasco Letter 7-18-16

Eating at Aqui Es Con Flavio, owned by Church Members

Hermana Hauck & Hermana Camacho

Biking through Puerto Penasco

That’s right! Your favorite Hermana is now riding a bike in her mission. Puerto Peñasco is actually the only place in my mission, that I´m aware of, in which hermanas can ride bikes. Ha-ha! We have to use helmets. I´m not too happy about it because 1. MORE SWEAT and 2. The helmet left for me in my house has Lightning McQueen on it... but safety first, right? 

And if I thought that there were lots of dogs elsewhere in Sonora, I was mistaken because here THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!! And they chase Hna Camacho and me on our bikes snapping at our heels until we’re crying/laughing from the terror, ha-ha! Seriously. There are dogs everywhere here.

But I LOVE my new area!!!!! It´s very humid but not nearly as hot as Hermosillo. And we have a nice breeze from the ocean. We can´t carry umbrellas on our bikes so I am a completely different skin color than normal for me. Almost everyone thinks I’m Mexicana until I tell them that I’m from Utah. : ) (Cough, cough that´s how good my accent is). Also we are sweaty 100% of the time. And my skin is thoroughly exfoliated daily by the sand that´s blown on us (We have only two paved streets in our area).  The people here are so humble too.  We´re in a very poor area and everyone just wants to listen to the message of the Restored Gospel. 

Hna Camacho is a gem. She’s from Veracruz Mexico, she loves to dance, she is hilarious and always joking and is a really good teacher. We’ve set some really cool goals for this transfer together and I hope to tell you more about them in other weeks.

AH!!! Another fabulous thing about Peñasco. Members own this really nice mariscos (seafood) restaurant called “Aqui Es Con Flavio” and they let us eat there for free!!! It’s so good and I’m full of coconut covered shrimp because we just barely ate there. :D

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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