Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Planting Seeds-Letter 2-8-16

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Guaymas Hermanas
Dear Family,

First off, I AM SO EXCITED TO HEAR THAT THE JETETTES TOOK STATE!!!!! Seriously I´m having a hard time not getting up and dancing in this internet cafe to celebrate! Congrats to all Jets and Mrs. P, Mrs. Heidi and Ms. Haylee for doing it this year!

It´s been a good week here in Guaymas. The weather is prime right now so I´m trying to really enjoy it because pretty soon the heat of Sonora will come to cook all us missionaries alive.

This week we faced a couple of pretty heart-wrenching rejections. Specifically one with an investigator that had been reading the Book of Mormon and accepting the lessons really well. All the sudden we came one morning and when she saw Hna Pelico and I she ran into her house. Then her mom came out and told ud that she didn´t want to listen to our message anymore. We had such a hard time understanding why because she was progressing well. All I can imagine that happened is that she received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true and maybe that scared her. It can be really hard when this happens because sometimes I get super invested in my investigators and I start picturing there baptism and everything. Then when the rejection comes it breaks my heart. I guess I just need to focus lots on the little seeds we´re planting.

We do have another young investigator, Miriam, who is 14 and seems to be progressing. She didn´t have a whole lot of understanding of any religion when we started visiting her (though she´s Catholic) but she´s coming along and reading her Book of Mormon.

This week we had interviews with our President. He is so awesome and loving and he says hi to all you peeps back home supporting me!

Have a good week and keep my investigators in your prayers!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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