Monday, January 25, 2016

A Gift From The Sky - Letter 1-25-16

Raul and His Parents, President Robinson and Us After Raul's Baptism Interview

Bird Poop!

The Mission 7 Month Mark

Well today´s been an interesting P-Day. We had flu shots this morning so now my arm is hurting. Then to add insult upon injury to the same arm, while Hna Pelico and I were walking in the Guaymas Centro (Main Street) a bird pooped on my arm. Yes, POOPED ON MY ARM! 

The good thing about this day is our investigator, Raul, was cleared for baptism this Saturday!! YAY! It´s been amazing seeing this investigator´s progress. He really has a desire to follow the Savior a receive a remission of his sins. 

This week has been a really beautiful yet really hard week. My comp and I set a bunch of goals for this transfer and we´ve been working really hard to better our obedience and work methods. Of course, Satan knows about our desires to do better and reach these goals too so we´ve been extra attacked by his forces. I don´t think I´ve had a week in which I´ve faced more rejection but in every moment that I feel discouraged I think of Alma 26:27 (¨And when our hearts were depressed and we were about to turn back...). 

Something that I found really interesting about the rejection this week was that it was always after we faced lots of it yet kept working and trusting that the Lord was guiding us to people who are more prepared to hear this message that we saw something rewarding (i.e. someone accepting us in their house or giving us their address, etc.). This made me think about the scripture in Ether 12 that tells us it is after our faith is tried that we receive. 

Also, this week we had a worldwide conference that was super cool! The speakers focused on bringing others to repentance and how we can do this in our teachings. It was weird seeing some of the missionaries from the States that have iPads. What the WHAT!! No fair! But I guess it would be thoroughly ridiculous to have iPads in my mission because the probability of being robbed is quite a bit higher. Also it was fun singing hymns in English.

That´s all for this week, folks. Take care!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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