Monday, January 18, 2016

Finishing the Book of Mormon & Agnostic German Dreadlocks- Letter 1-18-16

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Hey Nerds!! 

We received transfer info on Saturday and Hna Pelico and I will both be staying here together for another transfer. I´m super excited because I adore her and we get along really, really well. Sadly, Hna Lopez is leaving our district, but we´re getting a new Hna from Peru. :)

Remember my goal to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of this transfer????? CHECK! I finished!!! YAY! I spent lots of time reading but it was all worth it. It was a really cool experience reading the second half so fast (13 days) but I started getting annoyed of all the characters because like every other chapter the stinking Nephites, Lamanites or Jaredites are converted unto Christ and then fall into secret combinations and wars and utter destruction and all that again. I guess there´s something we can learn from that and that´s why the many stories of the pride of the people leading them to destruction aren´t generalized into one sentence.

Oh how embarrassing! Yesterday Hna Pelico and I were with members before church and I was playing around with their 3-year-old daughter during which I put my missionary nametag on her stuffed animal. When this family gave us a ride to the chapel I forgot my tag. To my horror, President and Hna Robinson were attending our ward today! Luckily my hair was down so I was able to cover it. 

Also at church a member introduced my to this German woman with sweet dreadlocks who she had found wandering the streets of San Carlos so she invited her to church then asked Hna Judd and I to give her the lesson of the restoration in English. It was hard enough to teach this lesson in English, but this woman practically interrogated us! She was vegan, agnostic and opposed to all government and all titles of beliefs. This is COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE of all the lovely Mexicans I´ve been teaching for the past 6 months. It was a really interesting experience and she was super nice though! I´m not sure what´s more difficult, teaching someone who has no belief in God or teaching someone who might agree with and believe everything you teach them but will not convert out of the Catholic church.

We had a really special lesson this week. We were teaching a young man--we´ll call him Juan-- about how baptism can wash him of his sins. His parents are members and they were present. Juan started telling us that he didn´t feel like baptism can help him because of some of the mistakes he´s made getting into drugs. At one point he told us that he had stolen from his parents. His dad said to him for all of us to hear ¨Eres perdonado, hijo.¨ or ¨You´re forgiven, son¨. This comment made me think of the parable of the Prodigal Son and the Spirit prompted me to share it. I explained after that if we come unto Christ and follow Him--in other words, when we humbly return to the will of our Heavenly Father-- He, our Father, will say the same thing that Juan´s father has said to him to us.

I hope that this week rocks for you people!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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