Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yay for the Kick-Bum Life - Letter 1-11-16

Hiking Microhonda

View from top of Microhonda

Mexican Traditional Rasca Bread

Cutting the Rasca Bread

I got the piece with the baby Jesus. Yay for Mexican traditions!

Wowie wow wow!

It sounds like the family had a pretty cool week with the padres cruising in the Caribbean and Brad turning 22! My week has been pretty kick bum as well! :)

Today has been a pretty kick bum P-day. This morning Hna´s Pelico, Lopez, Judd and I hiked this huge mountain called ¨Microhonda¨, which means Microwave oven so who knows what´s up with that. Anywho, the hike was really beautiful and we got to see the ocean and all of Guaymas and San Carlos. Later we went to the chapel with the entire zone and we got zone shirts (I´ll send pics later) and we played soccer. (BTW hike + soccer = sore Hna Hauck). Then Pelico and I went to the centro (town square) and ate churros and I bought these awesome purple shoes that were only 29 pesos, which is less than $2 in US. 

We had a zone conference this week that was so cool! We had many changes made to our teaching approach and our studying tactics. Our teaching is to be more simple and direct and we are trying to focus on what the prophets of the Book of Mormon teach--come unto Christ by receiving a remission of your sins through faith on His name, repentance and baptism. Our studying time is half our Book of Mormon then a half hour of other canonized books or the missionary library. We then study Preach my Gospel with comps. We also have goals to read each of these books a certain number of times. The goal is to read the BoM 4 times. I was in the first chapter of Alma the day of the conference (Tuesday) the first time reading it in my mission and I already have 6 months so I´ve kicked it into gear and made it a goal to finish it by the end of this transfer (Sunday).

 I’ve been reading a ton obviously. I didn´t want to give up being able to understand what I´m reading but I needed to read fast, so I moved to English scriptures alone just to finish it and every time I open study with prayer I pray to be able to understand what I´m reading. I have seen so many blessings doing this. This week I have felt more understanding and love for these scriptures than I ever have in my life! I can feel that mighty change of heart that it mentions in Alma. It’s a crazy miracle that we have these scriptures because I can feel them changing me just by reading them. I hope you all are keeping up on your scripture study because it is SO IMPORTANT!!

I can also tell you that the changes made to our teaching were very inspired. We´ve been a bit more straightforward in all of our lessons, which has helped sort out those that, or part of the ¨white and ready to harvest¨ group and those that just aren´t quite prepared to receive the Gospel in their lives. Lots of people here agree with EVERYTHING we say and then at the end of a lesson they say something like
 ¨How nice it is that your church and the Catholic Church have the same beliefs¨ 
Us: (sigh) ¨lets go over the Great Apostasy again.¨
With the new approach we’ve been able to be a little clearer and more distinct.

We´ve had to drop a couple of our investigators (Paty being one of them) but we´ve had some progress with others such as Raul who is moving right on forward to his baptismal date for the 30th of this month.

Transfers are coming this next P-day and who knows what´ll happen. I think I´ll be staying in Guaymas but I thought I´d be staying in Nogales too. And I think Hna Pelico will be leaving to train. We´ll see what happens.

Thanks for all of the love and support that I have from you, you crazies! I really am so amazed and grateful that I have you because a family as wonderful as ours is not a blessing that many have. But that´s why I´m here! To help others have what our family has!! The true Gospel of Jesus Christ and all of the blessings that therein are! Yay for missionary work!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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