Monday, November 16, 2015

SURPRISE BAPTISM :))))) Letter 11-16-15

Baptism of Jesus


So we had this investigator who had been investigating the church for about a year and had already been through 6 companionships of missionaries. His name is Jesús and he comes to church every week and has a testimony and all but hasn´t gotten baptized. We’ve been meeting with him lots lately to try to really encourage him to take the steps into the font. Last Monday right after writing we had a lesson with him. As we sat down he blurted out “I’m ready. I want to be baptized--Saturday!” Hna. Blackmore and I were stunned but totally excited! We started all the preparations immediately because there was lots to do! 

When came the day of the baptism, Hna Blackmore woke up throwing up with the flu! Aghh! It was awful! The baptism was a big priority so we had her stay in bed all day. Then right before we left for the baptism, I started feeling flu-ish. Thankfully we both made it through the whole service without throwing up.
It was an awesome baptism! Many of the members came to support him. He bore his simple yet sweet testimony of the Gospel. Hna. Blackmore and I sang I Am A Child Of God for the special number. It wasn´t our best performance, you know, because we both had the flu, but considering the circumstances I think we did alright. :) Sadly we didn´t feel up to eating the tres leches cake afterwards. 

When it comes to our other investigators, Alejandra and Luis, we had a kind of off week. If you remember, they are 14 and 11, respectively. They´ve lost some of their desires to join the church because of friends and kids at school that have been making fun of them for it. We had a rather sad visit on Wednesday in which we had to move their baptismal date to later in the month. We also gave them the rest of the week with out visits from us to give them some time to read from the Book of Mormon and to pray. We have a family home evening planned for them tonight where we are going to show them this Mormon Message (in Spanish obviously) 

We had a really cool experience yesterday with our investigator, Gabriela. What happened was we had a ton of left over food from members that we really couldn´t eat because we had the flu, yet we couldn´t throw perfectly good food out or let it go bad and uneaten in our fridge so we decided to give it away. The only investigator we could decide on was Gabriela, but we felt slightly hesitant because she always has plenty of food in her house and is kind of independent so we didn´t want to offend her or anything. When we took her the food she was so happy and grateful towards us. She told us the her daughter, Vicky, had been sick all week and her ex-husband hadn´t come by to give them money so she couldn´t leave to buy food for her three kids with the little money she had. All she had in her fridge were refried beans. She kept thanking us that she didn´t have to give her kids nothing more than beans for dinner. It definitely was nothing on our part as we neither made nor bought the food. We were just the messengers bringing the food. But I guess that is exactly what being a missionary is--being the messenger of the blessing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It felt amazing to know that the Spirit worked through us like that that night.

I just wanted to add how much I love doing the ponderizing scriptures with you every week! I especially loved Helaman 5:12 this week! One of my favorites! 

Thanksgiving is coming up for all you folks in the states. I can tell you that we are so much more blessed than we even realize. Always remember what a miracle of a blessing it is to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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