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"Diarrhea Since Easter" Letter 7-28-15

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Diarrheas since Easter...

Sorry for the gross title, but the CCM has been hit with a plague of diarrhea!! Seriously almost a third of the inhabitants here have some violent stomach problems. Luckily I am, at the moment, healthy (fingers crossed).
Our two elders are both out of commission so it’s been just the Hermanas for these last couple of days. We're not supposed to shake hands either. I've been super wary of touching anything. I feel like I'm living in a zombie apocalypse!

Other than that, this week has been great!

Wednesday 7/22
I have learned the tricky art of folding fitted sheets this day because for our service project we folded around 200! We got to listen to music while we did it, which was awesome, but all of the songs were these weird remixes of pop songs on a pretty old radio. Sounded kind of like horror movie music at times but esta bien! Music is music when you've been deprived for a month.

Thursday 7/23
Not much happened today. Hna. Ylst is amazing at sight reading music while she sings, so she learned the harmony to this beautiful hymn "Divina Luz", which I believe is "Lead Kindly Light" in English, and we have sung it for all of our investigators. I'll try to record us singing it or something so I can share it with you.

Friday 7/24
HAPPY MONTH-AVERSARY!! WOOT! I can't believe it's already been a month! We had a wonderful lesson with Alejandro this day. He had questions about gay marriage so we read him parts of The Family: A Proclamation to the World and told him the Heavenly Father has commanded marriage to be between man and wife and His ways do not change even if the world's do. Then we read from John 8 where the woman who was caught in adultery is saved from stoning when Christ tells them that he who has not sinned should cast the first stone. We likened this to us and said that we all have the ability to cast stones at others, though we ourselves are sinners. This really helped explain the commandment of chastity and the commandments of loving one another and righteous judgment. I have been thinking much of how I can be better at not casting stones. 
Our teacher, Hno. Vargas set up an opportunity for us to teach a real investigator--his cousin! His cousin, Alan, has never agreed to meeting with missionaries until now so we felt pretty honored and spent much of the day planning for the lesson which would be on God and His nature as a loving Heavenly Father. Hno. Vargas wanted us all to have the opportunity of teacher a real investigator so the entire district would teach the lesson. We all fasted for the Spirit to be very strong with us because we would have to teach over Skype. 

Saturday 7/25
Since we were fasting, we didn't go to the comedor for breakfast and had extra time to plan our lesson (its tricky teaching with 6 missionaries). We taught the lesson and barely got to know him after 9 minutes of talking when he told us he had to leave. A little disappointing because we didn't get into our lesson, but we asked if we could sing "Soy Un Hijo De Dios" (I am a Child of God) to him, which he allowed, and then he agreed to let missionaries come to his home and teach him! We were really excited about that! Though we only talked for 9 minutes it was amazing how strong the Spirit was! I am amazed everyday at the love God shows us through the Holy Ghost.
Also, Happy Christmas in July! Our closing hymn fro the day was  "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear". (sigh) Oh I just love Christmas :)

Sunday 7/26
Such a great Sunday! In Relief Society we broke up into groups and studied The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Some really wonderful thoughts were shared; one of them being it is no coincidence that this came out 20 years ago, just before my generation was born. Because of this surely inspired timing, I and many of the missionaries my age have had the opportunity of growing up with these teachings so we can know them in our minds and in our hearts. Now, just as we are on missions, the United States has legalized gay marriage. Sure there will be question about this topic on our missions (even though I won't be in the States) and countless after as we live as adults in the LDS church. One Hermana made an excellent comment about teaching about and standing for these teachings with one motive: love. She said we should never ever declare any teaching to condemn someone, but because we love God, we love Jesus Christ and we love them and we know that it is truth.
The overseer of the international MTC's, Elder Kelly Mills has been here this week and gave an excellent devotional Sunday night. He showed us pictures of the building and missionaries in the MTC's around the world and reminded us to realize that we are not the only ones who left our families and our normal lives to serve the Lord. He talked about the importance of finding focus on our missions and really loving the Lord and the people with all of our hearts. He told us the forget ourselves and go to work. He referred to when Christ tells us that he who loses his life will find it. By losing our lives in serving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, we actually find it because when we try very hard to bring someone else to Christ, we grow closer too,
He also really emphasized the miracle and importance of sharing testimony, it is sharing light. Somewhere in D & C it says that the angels record our testimonies, which is awesome! He read a quote from the late President Boyd K. Packer that said something like "You cannot find it, grow it or enlighten it if you do not share it." Since Fast Sunday is coming up, I encourage all of you to share your testimony, if not in the Fast and Testimony meeting, then with the family. I promise it will grow by sharing it because I have seen mine grow so much by sharing it for just this past month!

Monday 7/27
We took these pictures for this slide show thing that the CCM does every week for those leaving. Our district wore rainbow colors--I was green. While we were taking our pictures, Elder Mills walked by. I called after him and told him that I really loved his devotional and I thanked him. Then I did the unspeakable and I curtsied. Like, what?! A curtsy?! I don't even know, but it happened. Not my proudest moment.
I've been reading in the Pearl of Great Price. Heavy, but really cool stuff
That pretty much it from this week!

You are the best people ever!!! Truly. Not just saying that!
I love you! Wish me luck as I battle the zombie-diarrhea plague!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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