Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"I Love My Mission, I Cannot Lie!" Letter 7-14-15

Our District Plus Two Adopted Hermanas

Awkward Photo with Elder Nate Benson

Our New Latino Neighbors
Hola Familia!

Sounds like lots of fun things are happening in the good ol' States! Is Emme really using the Elsa pottie? And it's great to see Hudsie Bear crawling! You people are my favorite! 
It was another great week here for Hermana Hauck at the CCM! My testimony has grown so much this week as I've had to really rely on the Spirit for the help I need. 

After emailing, the Hermanas and I spent the day at the gymnasio playing different sports and games. We also spent some time in the weightlifting gym. We have a bit of a running joke with lifting because we do our benches and pull-ups every day. We can each only bench the bar ten time (yeah...with no weights on it) and do 4 pull-ups. Later we went to La Tienda and bought matching basketball shorts cause, you know, that's what you do right?

Hermana Ylst and I taught a new investigator, Alejandro (our teacher Hno. Vargas), and it didn't go as well as we hoped. He had lots of questions about the Plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon that are hard enough to answer in English, let alone Spanish! 
For service this week we cleaned the walls of our comedor (cafeteria). It was actually really fun because we played “Name That Tune” with hymns and Disney songs to pass the time. After we went and bought helado (ice cream) in Le Tienda. At dinner, I saw Elder Nate Benson and almost accidentally hugged him (still trying to get the hang of no huggsies) but luckily he shot his arm forward to shake my hand. 

Today was a total adventure! We had to wake up a half hour early to eat breakfast then board a bus that drove us an hour into Mexico City to the US Embassy where all who were staying to serve in Mexico had to appear for Visa approval. Immediately upon leaving the gates of the CCM is chaos. Absolute colorful and noisy chaos! Seriously almost every building is brightly colored and heavily vandalized with graffiti. There are fruit ad taco stands everywhere and tons of stray dogs. It was so fun watching the hustle and bustle of this place. The traffic is pretty packed and cars and buses are crammed on the street bumper to bumper. We passed this public gym/park that had all these exercise-intended contraptions and these ladies were running on this thing that looked kind of like an elliptical. We must have looked like kids in a zoo with our faces pressed against the windows because we were in awe of this city! Driving back we got to see this really pretty Cathedral and a bunch of different statues and sculptures that are mostly of apostles and saints. We had a pretty normal day after that. Hna. Ylst and I taught the cutest man ever, Lucio, who is probably about 75. We shared 2 Nephi 22 with him and he loved it!

We taught Alejandro again today and it went way better! We felt more prepared to answer some of his questions. We were able to watch President Packer's funeral. All of the messages were so wonderful. I love hearing from our beloved Prophet. His message testified so strongly of the actuality and literalness of the resurrection and eternal families. While in the auditorium where we watched the funeral, this elder next to me, who had been here at the CCM for only 2 days, fell asleep. I felt this breathing on my shoulder as his head was almost on me. Ha-ha! I had to motion to his companion to wake him up/get him off of me. Everyone has been getting kind of sick this week. The Mexican food here is really great, but it has its side affects...I'll say no more.

Some of the side affects of the food put the two Elders in our district in the infermeria on Saturday, so it was all girls, which was pretty fun! I don't think I've seen our teacher, Hno. Vargas, laugh as hard as he did with us today. We went outside for much of the day to get some fresh air because we practically live in our classroom.

The Sabbath is always perfect for letting us catch our breath and be spiritually fed. This Sunday was just what I needed, and I didn't even know I need it! Our Elders were still sick so we had a mini testimony meeting with the Hermanas. I bore my testimony on the plainness of this Gospel. I really like reading and words in general so I sort of always want to put things about the Gospel in beautiful and profound ways. This is not necessary; The Gospel is beautiful and profound on its own. It doesn't need flourish. I shared an experience from earlier this week when Hno. Vargas was teaching Hna. Ylst and I about the importance of bearing testimony and witness in lessons. He asked me how I know that God lives and is my Father. I sort of waited for a second for the Holy Ghost to place some awesome sentence into my mouth, but felt nothing come. This was terrifying to me and for like .05 of a second I thought "Hold up! I have a testimony, right?" I sat quietly for a bit and then realized how simple it all is. I began to cry as I told him in the best Spanish I could muster that I know these things because the Holy Ghost has testified of their truthfulness to me, not ever in some single grand gesture but in hundreds of things. Line upon line, precept upon precept. From my birth I have been taught of goodly parents things which I know to be true through my life experience and the warm feeling I have inside every time I pray, here an inspired lesson or talk and so on.  This realization has helped me SO much in the past days. Another cool experience from today! After our testimony meeting, we were trying to sing the EFY medley but were forgetting a bunch of the parts and didn't know how to sing it in Spanish. About an hour later it was announced that this week the choir would be singing none other than the EFY medley--in Spanish! You better believe District 14 B was there for practice!

Lots of scripture study today which, of course, is amazing! I am realizing more and more how much the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ. It is the perfect tool for converting others and our selves. I spent a lot of time studying 2 Nephi 31, which talks about following Christ's example of baptism. Read it! Hna. Ylst and I have been planning for upcoming lessons this week. We're getting better at planning and teaching. Honestly the hardest part is for me to trust that the Spirit will put the right words in my mouth as promised in D & C 84:86 (I think). I have a habit of trying to plan everything I'm going to say rather than studying before hand and allowing the Spirit to prompt me to say what is needed. We met Elder Alvarez from Hermosillo today! He's a crack up and told us lots of fun-facts about his hometown. I'm so excited to actually go there!

The Spanish is coming nicely! The Gift of Tongues is real! It's amazing how much I can understand from my teachers and the Latinos here. I had a 15-minute conversation in Spanish with a teacher about the new Pixar movie, Inside Out, the other day. And in lessons, the Holy Ghost really helps me remember words, grammar principles and so on. The mission is the life!

Lately there have been cannons going of outside the walls from around 4:00AM throughout the rest of the day. At first we all thought it was funny and made tons of Hunger Games jokes, but the novelty has faded. It's the worst! Last night I had this terrible dream that the Hermanas and I were being shot at because I could hear the sound of the cannons! 

I hope you have a wonderful week and that all of your wildest dreams will come true!
You are the best. 

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

PS: I am sorry if any Spanish words/misspelled English words are found in this email. My brain doesn't use either language fully anymore. I seriously can't remember how to spell the word "Restauración" in English.

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