Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Worms & Sheep" Letter 7-21-15

Jesus Cutout

The Shirt I Got at Zarahemla

Mexico City Temple

The Christus

Temple Visitor Center

Hey-hey, Chili Peeps!

Sounds like things are hopping in St. George. This week has been fun and very difficult, but I feel like I have grown very much.

P-day is always a good time! I kicked it off emailing you lovely people and spent much of the day at the gym and doing laundry as per usual. Then this district that we usually eat with inherited this awesome Jesus cutout, so naturally we took pictures (attached). The food here is great usually, besides some various side effects, but I had a rather unfortunate experience for dinner Tuesday night. They had blackberries in the fruit bar, so I got an entire plateful and ate it before any of my other foods. Shortly after, Elder Barrus, who also had a plate of blackberries, pointed out two tiny worms wiggling through one of his berries. Not sure if I had any little friends in mine, but I've been avoiding the berries this last week.

Wednesday & Thursday
Each of these days mostly consisted of teaching, language class and chastisements. Yes, chastisements. Each of our three teachers has had to tell us that we need to become more focused representatives of Christ. It’s never fun being scolded one time, let alone three, but I definitely feel like it was something that I needed. Don't worry, my district and I were not doing anything bad, but we were maybe taking a bit too lightly the magnitude of our callings. I have the name of Jesus Christ on my tag, which means I need to represent Him and His light with reverence and focus.

We were feeling a little downtrodden from being gotten after, so our teacher, Hno. Vargas shared with us this video that had talks from Jeffrey R. Holland and Henry B. Eyring. They talk of the importance of pressing forward, even when we feel tired. Elder Holland suggests the idea that things in missionary work and life in general are hard because "Salvation is not a cheap experience." I'm not sure what the name of these talks are, but you all should use your computer hacking skills to find that out and read or listen to them. They definitely were counsel that I needed to hear.

Hna. Ylst and I had a really cool experience teaching one of our "investigators", Alejandro, today. We got on the topic of families and he asked how ours were doing, to which we both answered, "As far as we know, well, but we won't know until Tuesday". We explained we can’t call family and he told us that he wouldn't want to leave his family like we did. We both were able to bear our testimonies of Jesus Christ, the Gospel and why we were okay with leaving our families for 18 months. It felt so good to testify of these things because it is one thing to know them in your heart; it's another to share it with someone. I found myself to have a stronger testimony than I even realized. I challenge you all to be more sharing with your testimonies, even outside of church meetings. You never know when you're going to strengthen someone else's and/or your own testimony by vocalizing it.

I finally had time to do personal scripture study on the topic of my choice. I decided to focus on 1 Nephi 8, which contains Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life. This parable is seriously applicable to so much in our lives. We can all decide who we want to be in the vision. I want to partake of the fruit and have everlasting happiness. We got to watch TWO movies today!!! Which was perfect because I have been having withdrawals. Legacy was the first, then later in the day was Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. I loved both so much and they reminded me of the sacrifices that the early saints made for this Gospel. 

Another great language story for you. Hna. Ylst and I were teaching this lesson and the investigator, Cody, said he doesn't believe in the modern-day prophets or the Book of Mormon because somewhere in the Bible it says that there is no other word of God. The Spirit immediately brought to my mind the verse about Christ having other sheep in His fold and I wanted to share this. I knew it was something 10:16..."Matthew?” I thought. I turned to Matthew 10:16 and sure enough saw the word "ovejas," which means sheep, I handed my Bible to the investigator and had him read. Turns out that the particular scripture I was looking for was John 10:16. Matthew 10:16 says something about sending sheep among wolves. #awkotaco! Good thing I'm not teaching real investigators at the moment!

I just got back from a visit to the Mexico City temple. It was so beautiful! It's closed right now so I didn't get to do a session, sadly, but it was so nice being in the Visitor Center and being able to sit and look at the Christus there. I love how His arms extend towards us. We really are His sheep and He really does want us all to come unto Him. 
There's this little store called "Zarahemla" right outside of the Visitor Center where I bought this adorable shirt. I'll attach pictures.

You are the coolest people ever!! Keep rocking the life!

Con amor, 
Hermana Hauck

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