Monday, August 3, 2015

"Hornosillo!" Letter 8-3-15

President & Sister Robinson
President & Sister Robinson with the New Missionaries

Hermanas Hauck & Pina
New Missionaries and Their Companions

Crazy stuff in Hermana Hauck-ville! I am writing in this little hole-in-a-wall place in the middle of Hermosillo, Sonora.

Here's how the week went.

After emailing the Hermanas and I decided to try our talent at a new art - Prancercising. It is pretty much what it sounds like. That is simultaneously exercising and prancing. You can probably Google it if you need more of a description. We went out to this huge field to do our prancing and we found a huge flock of 40 or so pigeons, so naturally we pranced right through them. There we were, four hermanas prancing away beneath pigeons taking flight. It was one of my more majestic moments in my life.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Sorry for bunching basically the entire week together, but I can't remember doing much these days except studying Spanish (duh) and the Gospel (double duh). The roaring diarrhea zombie apocalypse has been going strong. Two people in my district (who will remain nameless) pooped their pants (TMI?). We're not allowed to hug anymore :( and we have to elbow tap instead. This has surprisingly become very fun for me because I turned it into this sort of ju ditsu (Is that how you spell it?) move where I hit another person's elbow with both of mine in a jab-jab/right-left motion... if that makes any sense whatsoever. 

Awe the Fast. I actually really love it because I was always one to eat at like 11:55 Saturday night and break my fast Sunday at 4:00, but since I've been here I have done two full 24-hour fasts and have not died either time! We had an awesome testimony meeting with the 84 Americans who were leaving. Probably around 70 of us were able to share because we talked really fast. I shared about the D&C scripture that promises missionaries that angels will bear them up. I think it is DC 84:88 or something like that. It is a super special scripture to me because I know that my Granny and Grandma Kane are two angels that have been with me already in my short 6 weeks as a missionary.
Also, we watched a devotional given by Elder Bednar about the importance of being converted unto Christ and following His character. This was perfect to hear right before I leave for the field because Christ's character is totally based around love, which is what I need as a missionary and person. Christ always was serving others, even when He had every reason to turn in and only take care of Himself. He's the BEST!!!

Today started at about 2:30AM when we woke up and boarded a bus to the airport. On my flight I sat next to this darling 14-year-old girl from California. She asked about the church on my tag and I taught her the lesson of the Restoration (in Spanglish because she knew English and Spanish). I also gave her a card and wrote down the name of the Gospel Library app so she could read from the Book of Mormon. 
We arrived in Hermosillo and were totally surprised with humidity. What?! Yes, humidity. I guess this desert has a rainy season. I have not been fully dry since I've been here. I got to see the temple and I will be going to do a session sometime in the next 6 weeks, because my first area is right here in Hermosillo. Hna. Barton is also here in Hermosillo but in a different area and Hna.'s Harman and Ylst both left the city. It was really sad to say goodbye, but hopefully we will see each other sometime soonish. My new companion is Hna. Piña. She is really nice and has been an awesome trainer so far. We live in this house that only has AC in our room. God bless that little AC thing in that room, cause it is HOT! The elders who lived there before us left it kind of trashed and we have to clean it up quite a bit, but its kind of a fun DIY project.

I love you all and I can't wait to tell you more about my adventures here in Hermosillo next week!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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