Monday, February 13, 2017

ILUMINA el MUNDO Letter 11-28-17

17 Months on the Mission

Cute Girls in Caborca

Champurrado with Maria, our `cookie mom` of Caborca
I hope you`ve all seen the video Ilumina el Mundo... I`m guessing it`s called Light the World in English...I LOVE IT!!! It`s such an inspiring campaign to be more Christlike this Christmastime. We`ve already started sharing it here in Caborca and everyone loves it. Share it with others and start this Thursday the countdown.

This week was pretty great! It`s a bit colder in the mornings and evenings but still gets hot around the middle of the day. And at night it's freeeeezing in our house! But it's nice to not be sweating anymore.

We`re still working on getting investigators to church. This week we planned to pick up Rosi, a new investigator, and take her to church with us but when we got there she and her husband came told us that she couldn`t go because she was born catholic. Kind of sad for that day. Soooo we`re on the move for new investigators still. Keep sending the prayers!!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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