Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dusty Caborca Letter 11-7-16


Sorry that last week's email was so lame and short. It's because our go-to internet cafe was closed when we got to it, so Hna Payne and I had to hunt our area in Caborca for another internet. When we found one we only had 20 minutes to write because we went to Hermosillo for a meeting.

The meeting in Hermosillo was awesome! I love seeing President Robinson because he just loves his missionaries so much. We heard some really inspiring messages from him and Zona Caborca has been working even harder since.

Glad to be back in Caborca! It's still very hot.. November, where are you??? but Hna Payne and I have started listening to Christmas music nonetheless.

As far as the work goes, all is well. But we're in a bit of a dry period with progressing investigators. Hna Payne and I are trying really hard to find the people that are ready to receive the gospel. Please remember the people here in your prayers.

Oh funny story!! So Caborca is a little town of dust and we are always dumping dust out of our shoes and cleaning our pants. The other day were were passing this mansion that's in our daily route when we stopped to shake dust off. I had leaned against the outer wall of the place to take off my dirty shoes and beat it against the wall to get dust out when the seƱora of the house drove right up to us. She said nothing to us dirty, sweaty and extremely guilty-looking gringas beating my dirty sketchers against her house but she gave my theeeee dirtiest look. Hna Payne and I got quite a laugh and a picture out of it. Gotta love the mission.

Con amor

Hermana Hauck

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