Saturday, September 17, 2016

Little Girls Bike Letter 9-12-16

Flour-faced hermanas after our zone activity today.

More Flour Faces

Yaqui mural here in Peñasco

Yaqui mural here in Peñasco

Nursery Time

Hello all!!!

The work keeps moving forth here in Peñasco! We had a really good week, though Hna Camacho came down with strep throat this weekend:/ I´m sick too but just mildly. It´s been kind of hard attending all of our investigators being sick and all. I went on divisions with a member to be able to get in some needed lessons. The good news is we´re both healin´ up well and will be pretty much back to normal by tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Besides that unfortunate event, this week was lovely! We had a Zone conference with President that was really inspiring and got me so excited. He talked a lot about the Atonement. He shared a story that I think many of you have heard. It´s about a little girl who wanted a bike. Her dad told her to do all she could to earn the money for it and she could have it. She did everything she, as a little girl, could but still was short of the price of the bike. So her daddy paid the remainder. I couldn´t help crying as I listened to this story  that I´d already heard many times because it touched my heart in such a deeper way this week as I imagined the Savior paying that debt for me. I, being young, impatient, selfish, prideful and imperfect in so many ways will never be able to reach the happiness and glory that Heavenly Father has prepared for us. Yet Christ atoned to be able to lift me higher than I can on my own. I know that He has paid that same debt for each and every one of you.

And in the work, all of our investigators are doing really well..

This girly is absolutely adorable. She has a little journal that she writes in as she reads her Book of Mormon to remember what she learns. Her family is less active but told us this week that they want to be sealed in the temple!!! They´ve already gone to church twice as a family:)

Doing really well too. She has several friends that are members which helps so much. Her kids are coming to church with us too but aren´t old enough to baptize yet.

Rosario y Ariana (y Valeria):
We started teaching Vale, Ariana´s sister, this week. They´re doing really well too and have come to several activities and church meetings with us.

Also doing well, but sadly this week his parents expressed some of their negative feelings towards his preparations for baptism. From what we can understand from their point of view they have fears that he´ll be baptized then later on in his teenage years he´ll go off the deep end and make lots of serious mistakes (as happened with an older daughter of theirs). They feel like it would be better for him to be baptized when he´s older and has more sins to be washed away. I understand how someone could arrive to that logic, but I don´t think they really understand the purpose of baptism, nor that it is in fact a commandment. And one of the amazing parts of baptism is the confirmation of the gift of the Holy Ghost which will help him in his life to make the correct decisions. We´ve tried sharing scriptures with them and talking on the matter but they´re rather set in this idea. If anybody has advice on the matter I´m all ears:)

That all for this week!

Con amor,

Hermana Hauck

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