Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Happy Week And A Happy Life Letter 9-5-16

ELOTES with member Lupita:)

Masks with Ariana

Hermana Hauck here is a happy camper because we had a great week here with our investigators! Yesterday 5 investigators came to church with us! It was so amazing having them all there because it´s been really hard getting people to come to church here in our area. Brief summary of each of our main progressing investigators:

Andres: You already know a bit about him. 10 years old, son of a less active couple. He is the CUTEST THING EVER. He´s extremely polite and doesn´t has a sarcastic bone in his body so I am (naturally) always joking around with him.

Irlanda: 11 years old and also is from a less active family. She´s the older sister of the quadruplets... I think I mentioned them once, right? Well, the whole family came to church with us this Sunday! They were climbing all over the seats and running around. Irlanda is really smart and has been progressing well.

Rosario & Ariana: a grandma and her 17 year old granddaughter. They are really sweet and love Hna Camacho and me so much. Actually, last night we did facials with Ariana.

This week was also really special because we had a visit from Seventy Elder Pino. All of my zone here in Peñasco went down to Caborca for a multi zone conference with him, his wife an Hna and President Robinson. He talked alot about the sacredness of our calling. He told us that our mission calls are recieved via revelation. The Lord puts us where He puts us because He knows where we need to be for our own welfare and that of others.

With those thoughts from Elder Pino, I just wanted to share with you that I know that to be true. In these 14 months that I have been here as a missionary in the state of Sonora I have learned that the Lord actually knows me and that He sent me here. I look back at the early months of my mission when I had such a hard time adapting to Mexico. I thought I would never come to love my mission nor this place to where I was called. Now I can´t express hard grateful I am to have been sent here by the Lord. I have had experiences here that I am sure I could not have had anywhere else and I have come to love this place, the people and the culture so much I feel like my heart might explode! It´s been a lesson for me to trust in God. He knows what He´s doing and He doesn't give us things we can´t do. If we´re tried in the tasks and calling He gives us, it because He wants to give us a chance to prove our faith and dedication.

I also want you all to know how much I love you and how grateful I am for your support. Hahaha wow, lots of feelings right now!

Have a great week!!!!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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