Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Letter 6-30-15

When I First Put on My Badge!

Residents of Casa 9

Casa 9

Hola familia!!

Cómo están? (How are you doing?)

I want to apologize in advance for any weird grammar or spelling mistakes I might make in this email. Mexican keyboards are different than in the US!

I´m glad to hear that you got to watch the video I made for you! I wanted to leave something special for you, and I hope I did. It was super fun to make! :) I am so happy that Emilee´s baptism went well. I´ve thinking about her and wondering how it all went. 

I´ll try my best to give you a summary of all that has happened so far.

I was nervous in SLC as I looked for my portal, but it was so easy to find because there was a whole congregation of missionaries there! 18 of the elders are headed to the Ciudad Obregon Mission, Cam! I told them all to look for an Elder Horlacher once they´re there. The flight to Mexico was nice. I eat my body weight in Biscoff cookies and asked (in Español) for jugo de naranja (orange juice). We arrived to Mexico City and drove about 45 minutes to the CCM. The city is very, very big and colorful. Right after we arrived I got my missionary nametag and my companion. Her name is Hermana Ylst and she’s from Draper, Utah. She´s awesome and we spend much of out time when we´re not speaking Spanish either quoting Spongebob or Disney movies or speaking in this awesome Mexican accent that sounds like Nacho Libre. We unpacked and went to sleep after we had dinner. The food is actually really good. We’ve had tamales and taquitos and lots of other Mexican dishes. :)

We met our district on this day. Elders Barrus and Lunt are both going to Ciudad Obregon, and Hermanas Harman and Barton are both going to Hermosillo. I call the girls in my district "Las Hermanas" because we do everything together! They’re darling girls And I´ll try to tell you more about them next week. We memorized our missionary purpose in English then in Spanish. 

Oops Hermana Ylst and I accidentally slept in a bit this day, but luckily we made it to class in time. More Spanish on this day.

I´m going to skip to Sunday because I´m so short on time.

What an amazing day. We finally got to relax our brains a teeny bit and just enjoy meetings. There was a common theme of love throughout most of them. In sacrament meeting, which is only with my zone, I was called on to give a talk on el Espíritu Santo or the Holy Ghost. I had to read it off of a script that I had written, but I was able to bear my testimony at the end in Español. We later watched this devotional Jeffrey R. Holland gave to the MTC some years back. It was just what I needed! He talked about Peter when Christ asked him that if he loved Him he must feed His sheep.
I hope that my love can grow so much for Christ and for the people of Hermosillo. I have been called to feed His sheep and I will do my best to fulfill my duties.

I´m out of time but I want you all to know that I love you SO MUCH! I have been blessed to not have terrible homesickness, though I miss you every day. 
We´re not allowed to take pictures here at the CCM, but I´ll try to send the one´s I have taken so far next week!
 Next week I´ll try to have more detail!!

Con amor,
Hermana Hauck

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